You’ve seen such a mess in this house

2022-08-10 0 By

It is said that home is a warm harbor, let the body and mind feel happy place.Spring Festival relatives, have not seen home so disorderly, see this scene, is also drunk.This is the layout that enters vestibular, the house decorates a style not to say, the feeling that gives a person is a word “disorderly”.After this is vestibular partition, the wall on TV, put a tea table on the side, fluctuation all disorderly.The living room had stairs that led up to the attic, with clothes hanging on the banisters and a cloakroom on the stairs.To a close-up of the wall below the TV, all kinds of objects stacked in between, giving a person’s feeling is a word “chaos”, other hands-free.This is a close-up of the sofa. Need explanation?Clear answer is also pale, a word “chaos”!Perhaps the owner of the house has become accustomed to the living environment and the chaos is no longer the focus, or perhaps it is more convenient to pick up things after the chaos.Home is the place to rest and dock, home is life, home is love.And life needs sour, sweet, bitter, hot, salty and all tastes to adjust, only to adapt, like is home.Note: all text and pictures are from the original, offenders will be corrected.This is a personal understanding of home, welcome friends below comment freely!