Finally a clean bill of health for Mourinho, seventh in La Liga and fourth in Italy

2022-08-10 0 By

Facing villarreal, the weakest opponents in the last 16 of the Champions League, who have just won four games in all competitions and are unbeaten in 21 matches, the mood is high.Add to that the 901 away tactics, 83 million euro new signers stole a goal in Spain, this time back home, it is clear that they will easily qualify.888 is currently fourth in Serie A, only seven points behind the leaders of Milan, and it is not impossible to win the title this season. As for villarreal, who have just climbed to the seventh place in La Liga, how could they retire in the stadio olimpico?As the match began, 888 had a number of chances to score, but the shiver was always missing, so morata started to fall into the box as a habit and then reflexively shouted at the staff, but obviously the phone didn’t go through.True call a depressed, and somebody else 888 home field, unexpectedly did not arrange the referee of serie A, your UEFA is stem what eat of?You know, in Serie A, 888 a call, all the teams have to play a game, we are all wooden, do not talk, do not win, and then, until 888 to fourth, the game does not start again.As a result, there are some things that the triple-Eight players can’t adapt to, or even understand, such as when Lugani tackles a yellow Submarine player in the penalty area and immediately stands up and shoves him, seemingly saying: “Shut up! Do you want to play in Serie A?”But it is clear that the champions League staff are not used to 888, even in the crucial moments of promotion, still dare to award penalties against the Serie A team.And yellow Sub is not used to the other side, crackling, a 3-0, really a bit excessive.At the moment everyone should be very confused, la Liga seventh is so fierce?The scuba-winning team was so humiliated that it said nothing.Why 888 was a big package in the Champions League for four years in a row, why no one dared to speak up, I think, this is to clear Jose Mourinho, the phone gesture, is real.The last eight of the Champions League have all come out, there is no Serie A team, there is one real nerazzurri in the last eight of the Europa League, there is one Roma in the last eight of the Uefa Cup.It says a lot. It’s not that serie A is tactically backward, it’s not that the players are incompetent, it’s that the league is too fake, it’s not fighting and it’s not competitive.Look at these years, apart from Mourinho fighting like a fighter, face down the 888 staff, who dares to say a word.Football is a sport full of blood, if the team and players are castrated, completely lost the courage to attack, become the puppet of the hand behind the scenes, what about the European cup!So, even if Italy lost the play-off and missed the World Cup again, it would not stimulate the current Italian football, the glory of the former mini World Cup will never again.And we grew up watching the old fans of Serie A, slowly fade away, the follow-up of young people and how can we pay attention to and chase the league every day call!Of course, 888 May deliberately give up the Champions League, want to pursue a different fireworks, after all, it is a crucial moment for the league to win the championship, at this time to give up strategically, is understandable!After The departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, they all called others a cancer, but their own more and more difficult, now there is no president to carry the blame, is not still like that?Namely can consume meaning “false” just.God gave everyone three gifts: watch the game, have brains, love 888, but each person can only get two.If you have a brain and love 888, you don’t watch the game.If you watched the game and you have a brain, you don’t like 888.If you like 888 after watching the game, you must have no brain.