Baoji, Shaanxi province, decided to set up an investigation team after more than 1,000 construction quality inspection reports were suspected of fraud

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According to the central radio and television reception desk the voice of China “news network” report, yesterday (14), the voice of China reported that the shaanxi baoji thousands of engineering quality test report suspected of fraud, dozens of residential buildings, more than 10 schools, hospitals and the safety of public places such as shanxi baoji thousands of engineering quality test report fraud!More than a dozen schools have hidden safety risks.After the report was broadcast, the Shaanxi provincial government attached great importance to it, requiring relevant provincial and municipal departments and Baoji city to conduct a comprehensive inspection and take prompt measures.At present, baoji Municipal Party Committee and municipal government has decided to set up a joint investigation team, as soon as possible to eliminate potential safety hazards, safeguard people’s life and property safety.The reporter’s in-depth investigation found that the illegal cost of issuing false project quality inspection report is low, and the probability of being found is lower.A number of industry experts called for the urgent task is to speed up the revision and improvement of relevant laws and regulations, the construction of industry credit system.False report has been verified but not safe hidden trouble in recent years, ms zhang, head of the baoji engineering quality inspection agency, found that in the regionalization, taibai county, baoji county exists a lot of fake its false test report issued by the company seal of and they never had anything to do on the project of construction materials testing, the buried safe hidden trouble to the engineering quality.Ms. Zhang said: “Fake test report now so much, in the future quality accident problems, when the time comes to find me, because the chapter is mine, signature is mine, I will bear legal responsibility.I can’t stand it when I’m old enough to find out what’s wrong and come to me.”According to Ms. Zhang’s incomplete statistics, she found more than 1,000 false reports, involving schools, 18 gymnasiums, 3 hospitals, 123 residential buildings, 27 public rental houses.According to Incomplete statistics of Ms. Zhang, false reports have been found up to more than one thousand, some false reports have been verified reporters have noticed that the public security organs have verified some false reports, a number of criminal suspects have been sentenced, but the false reports involved in the security risks have not been eliminated.The Shaanxi Provincial government has set up a joint investigation team to investigate hidden dangers and take prompt measures after the voice of China report aired on Thursday.Huo Zhaoning, deputy director of Baoji Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau, said: “Provincial and municipal leaders attach great importance to it. The city held a meeting immediately and proposed to attach great importance to it, respond quickly, investigate carefully, seek truth from facts and deal with it according to law.At the same time also set up a (joint) investigation team, municipal Standing committee, deputy mayor in charge of when the leader, the city’s inspection and testing industry investigation, (see) there is no other.”A person in charge of the relevant department of Housing and Construction in Shaanxi province also told reporters that after hearing the report, the main leaders in the department began to arrange the deployment of relevant work, demanding immediate action, and demanding Baoji city to seriously deal with it.”Anything that concerns people’s safety needs to be (re) tested,” he said. “Anything that does not meet the requirements for residential safety needs to be removed or removed. This is unequivocal.No one will make fun of the safety of people’s lives and property.”The person in charge also said that the project quality inspection report fraud phenomenon does exist objectively to a certain extent.With the acceleration of urbanization, safety and quality supervision pressure is increasing, but the existing relevant laws and regulations are slightly lagging behind.”All the provinces and municipalities have found similar problems in their inspections.Construction authorities have been stepping up supervision, but the phenomenon doesn’t seem to have been completely suppressed.The laws and regulations are several years old and may not fully adapt to the current market.”Existing laws and regulations can not adapt to the needs of industry supervision at present, for the supervision of engineering quality testing industry, the relevant laws and regulations to adapt are mainly the “Construction Project Quality Management Regulations” promulgated by The State Council in 2000 and the “Construction Project Quality Testing Management Measures” issued by the original Ministry of Construction in 2005.With the development of economy and society, the existing laws and regulations can not meet the needs of industry supervision.Housing in 2019 on its website reply to the CPPCC national committee on strengthening the management of the construction quality test industry proposal engineer Wan Yong worked in hunan province construction engineering quality supervision, safety supervision and management center is responsible for the industry told reporters that he detection of fraud is illegal cost is very low, and the current industry deregulation, relevant laws and regulations need to be perfect and revision.”The punishment is a departmental regulation, not an administrative one,” Wan said.Now the market develops very fast, method (” construction project quality detects management method “) is only a department regulation, binding sex is not very strong.China’s construction law and The State Council’s “Construction Project Quality Management Regulations” do not have a clear expression of engineering quality testing, there is no corresponding constraints.”A number of baoji defendants who were criminalized for testing fraud were given suspended sentences or fined in accordance with relevant provisions of the criminal law, although the projects involved were in public places such as schools or hospitals, according to the verdict.More often, fake testing results in administrative penalties or warnings.Comparatively speaking, the illegal cost of detection fraud is low and the probability of detection is lower.Wan yong also said that the current supervision of the engineering quality testing industry has not yet formed a unified national credit management system.”The testing market is fragmented among provinces and cities,” he said. “There is no unified national market system or credit system. Many of our regulations are lagging behind, and the entry threshold for the industry is low.”Lu Haiyan, a national first-class constructor at the Survey and Design Institute of Guizhou University, told reporters that she found in her research that some impossible test data could also be written into the test report.”Because if you do this, you know it’s not going to reach that number, but he [the builder] gave us the test report that said it could,” she said.If there is no inspection agency (report), we can say to him at the time of acceptance, this is not qualified, you should do it again;But with the testing agency’s report, it’s hard to say.”Reporters found that in recent years, the housing and construction departments in Sichuan, Chongqing, Jiangsu and other places have issued notices that local testing institutions have exceeded the qualification range of testing, without testing reports and other testing fraud.Why can’t similar phenomena be cured?Lu Haiyan said: “There is also a benefit involved, if corners are cut, he (the relevant unit) only need a relatively cheap test report, can be accepted, which encourages him to do this thing.”Reporters have called the ministry of housing engineering quality and safety supervision department, staff said, “construction project quality detection management methods” is still in the revision and improvement.Reporter: have you finished revising now?Have you posted the latest documents yet?Travel Agency Worker: It’s still changing.Now the revision is ready, but it is not finished yet.Wan Yong, an engineer, told Voice of China that improving the top-level design is a top priority in response to problems in the engineering quality testing industry.In the case of the fake quality inspection report of Baoji Project in Shaanxi Province, the public questioned why the fake report passed the real inspection.Voice of China will continue to follow the developments.(CCTV reporter Guan Xin) Source: Voice of China