Vanessa attended the dinner party, dressed like a girl, posing with a man a little shy!

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Vanessa attended the dinner party, dressed like a girl, posing with a man a little shy!Even in death, some are lighter than a feather, others weightier than mount Tai.All of a sudden, Kobe Bryant has been gone for a long time, but it seems to have been living in the hearts of everyone, for his worship remains unchanged.Vanessa is more enthusiastic about charity, especially sports charity. Even though there was a gloomy time, she still chose to come out for her family, and managed the Mambasita Foundation in good order, which can continue kobe’s mamba spirit.”This is so important to kobe,” Vanessa said as she accepted the Be Your Own Champion award at a recent dinner. “Gianna is a role model for us all.”Whether nana, Bi, koKo or I will fight for it, Vanessa’s excitement is palpable, and she told her fans how honored she was to appear in this year’s super promo, cheering for the Los Angeles RAMS, because she is a California girl after all.In the poster, Vanessa had long hair and even a bright smile, but at the dinner party, Vanessa was even more stunning, wearing a pink dress that perfectly hid her fat figure.Since Kobe’s death, Vanessa’s weight has changed dramatically, jumping to 200 pounds.For this purpose also specially hired nephew as a male private teacher, in order to hope to lose weight successfully, but surely everyone knows that it is easy to gain weight, if you want to lose weight healthily, it is not a matter of a day, which means that before losing weight successfully, Vanessa’s dress needs to do some changes, in order to block the shortcomings.The loose pink dress perfectly covers up the obesity of digging sand, and is also very photogenic, even if the figure is a little out of shape, but the charm does not lose.Not only was the dress pink, but the shoes were the same color, and there was a hint of lipstick on her lips.Even though Vanessa is 39 years old, she still retains her girly heart and looks more graceful in terms of style.In the photo, he stood in position C, wearing a pink dress that was more conspicuous than the other female guests.And Vanessa is a mixed race, in her youth also did a model, can make Kobe desperate, want to marry her, enough to prove her charm.At the dinner party, some men asked to take photos with Vanessa, which She readily accepted, but judging by the photos, a little shy.As a single beauty for more than two years, both rich and beautiful, is the pursuit of many single men, but also hope that she can come out as soon as possible, open a new love.