Shandong universities double first-class 38 pattern, Shandong normal university and Qingdao University is not as good as Taiyuan Technology?

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A new round of list of double first-class universities and disciplines construction is coming out.As a person from Shandong, I was most concerned about the selection of universities in Shandong. I counted three universities and eight majors in total.They are Chinese Language and Literature, Mathematics, Chemistry and Clinical Medicine of Shandong University;Marine Science and Fisheries, Ocean University of China;Geological Resources and Geological Engineering, Oil and Gas Engineering, China University of Petroleum (East China).For a province with a large population and education, the number of these 38 is obviously low.To mark the university of Jiangsu, some shame indeed.What went wrong?1, Shandong University Chinese and clinical can not cultivate high-tech innovative talents first to see the results, at least this time, Shandong University has added two double first-class disciplines, namely Chinese Language and Literature and clinical medicine.However, the analysis, The Chinese department of Shandong university is originally the traditional advantage of the discipline, but also the basic liberal arts, training are some of the literati, moving pen leader is a good hand, but in shandong the most need of scientific and technological innovation in the field of glaring.The clinical medicine of Shandong University is the same. Originally, Qilu Medical College of Shandong University is quite good, but clinical medicine also belongs to the basic level. If it is really the field of difficult and miscellaneous diseases, it is still useless.We all know that what is most lacking is a major that can produce high-tech and innovative talents. Even if there is a major, it will also work well.And these basic disciplines, are in the long run, look useless.Shan Normal University and Qingdao University, not as good as a Taiyuan institute of Technology?These years, shandong in addition to the above three schools, who can row to the fourth?For example, Shandong Normal University, Qingdao University and Shandong Agricultural University feel that their strength is not bad, they all think that they should be ranked fourth in Shandong.But unfortunately, none of these schools are listed, even if the fight for the shandong old four, it does not matter.Unexpectedly, taiyuan Institute of Technology of shanxi like somebody else was selected unexpectedly double first-class, estimate at ordinary times, no matter Qingdao university, or mountain normal university, will not put Taiyuan institute of technology in the eye.But why is Taiyuan Technology on the list?3. Where are the famous universities introduced by Qingdao?In the past 10 years, Qingdao has introduced a large number of first-class universities in China, or many famous universities from other provinces have come to Qingdao to build campuses.Now several years have passed, these famous schools in Qingdao branch are ok?How much of a difference did it make?Ocean University of China (Qingdao) and China University of Petroleum (CNPC) were selected as the top two universities.There are only a few Marine and petroleum colleges and universities in China, but those selected are especially specialized disciplines such as oceanography and petroleum.And everyone knows that Shandong and Qingdao are short of innovative talents. Where do they come from? We can’t just introduce them, we have to train them by ourselves.Catch good local college to cultivate just be key ah.As a shandong, see the list of Jiangsu that a long list of universities and majors, the in the mind is not the taste of ah!The construction of universities in Shandong has a long way to go!