Neighboring city to carry out “three a day” innovation research activities

2022-08-09 0 By

A few days ago, Lincheng county party committee standing committee, organization department minister Liu Yanyong in accordance with the deployment of the county party committee, to huanglagou village when a day “branch secretary.”In the village cadres, village cadres to further improve the village industry planning, he put forward the development of “fruit corn” planting suggestions.Later, dong Junhua, the village branch secretary, quickly investigated the planting, management and sales of “fruit corn” and found that the management method is simple, the taste is good, the market is early, can be planted two seasons a year, and the income of mu can reach four or five thousand yuan.”This is the right way, we decided to plant 150 mu for the first time this spring, after the success of the trial and then expand the scale of planting, to drive more people to increase their income and get rich.”Dong Junhua said.Since this year, Lincheng county broke the inertia of thinking and path dependence, innovative research methods, deepen the style of work construction, county cadres take the lead in carrying out “three a day” innovation research activities: county party committee standing Committee to rural (community) as a day “branch secretary” every month, to understand people’s livelihood demands, help improve the development ideas;County-level cadres work as “coordinators” in subcontracted enterprises and project sites for one day every month, working on-site to help enterprises share their worries and solve difficulties;County party and government group members every week to take out a day of time on a work with the department’s main leaders, department heads and front-line staff for difficult issues thematic discussion, find problems, improve the work, find out how to solve the problem and methods.So far, the cadres at the county level, the county each villages and towns, departments adhere to the people as the center of the development of ideas, in the countryside, organs, enterprises MoPai research social assistance, disputes, enterprise employee 65 aspects of practical problems, which has solved, 31, 34 is coordinating to solve, the county built the working atmosphere of practical, dare to bear,It ensures that problems are discovered, contradictions are solved and work is promoted on the front line, truly realizing the principle of “being close to the people, facilitating the people, benefiting the people and protecting the people”.