Encouragement from the China Media Group: Starting again in the New Year

2022-08-09 0 By

Deep in the valley of amnesia.Cold forest distant mountains, sparse branches of old trees.Although spring has come, there is still no green.The rain and snow in the weather, low temperature let me still wrapped in thick winter clothes, dare not easily out of a warm house.But the scene no longer seemed desolate and bleak.Today, I have begun to work.Today is the sixth day.The Spring Festival is coming to an end.Facing a new season.How do we spend 365 days in a year?!In the work.I listened to the China Media Group again, and heard the sound of my words in the New Year’s Eve program.”What have we Been Pursuing in our Life” is the theme of this issue.What’s the difference between a life without pursuit and a salted fish?Always something and someone to look forward to in life!In this way, the process of life is new each day, each tomorrow is something to look forward to, not yesterday is today’s repetition, tomorrow is today’s repetition.Brave to face the challenge of reality, bold to pursue what you want!”Live a life without regret” was originally thought to be a farmer’s opinion, but it failed to attract the response of the national organization of CCTV. Unexpectedly, the host not only gave a speech on stage, but also gave a reply and encouragement.For me, this is the best “spiritual Goods” feast given by the state in the year of Ren Yinhu.Reply “Agree!Life for a few decades, really short, do not leave regret, not ordinary.The ups and downs of life are interesting.Life is no fun if you only seek security.Dare to challenge the new environment, new things, make life rich and colorful.Don’t worry about gains and losses, and don’t dwell on the past.Life goes on as long as there is life.”To remember again.I commissioned my friends to help me make the sound into an audio, and put it here to give myself an explanation for the beginning of 2022!To start a new spring, a new season and a New Year, I can win the recognition of national mainstream media, which confirms my pursuit and the goal of pursuing all the way. It is in the right time.On the way, I have us.All things contain new ideas, happy together long holy day.I and “forget the valley” have an obsession, no matter what the situation, no regrets.