During the Spring Festival, construction of some key projects in the city was stepped up

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Steady investment, ensure progress, this Spring Festival holiday, the city’s part of the key project site is still in full swing scene, many construction personnel choose to stick to the front line, go all out to promote project construction.At 8 am on February 5th, the construction site of maituwan double-track bridge of Chongqing-Hunan high-speed Railway in Zhongshan Village, Bailong Town, Banan District, is covered with 22 bridge piers, which lie in a zig-zag pattern across wubu River.Huang Wenzhe, deputy director of engineering technology Department of chongqing and Guizhou Fourth Bid Division of China Railway 11th Engineering Bureau, quickly climbed up the construction platform of pier no. 3, which is more than 30 meters high.”At 9:30, tanker trucks loaded with concrete are expected to arrive to concret the piers.Before pouring, I want to inspect the construction quality and safety of the pier for a second time.I also have to guide the construction workers on the spot.”Huang Wenzhe told reporters.Huang Wenzhe (r) directs the construction of the Chongqing-Hunan High-speed Railway Maituwan double-track bridge on Feb. 5.Huang Wenzhe comes from Hanshou County, Changde City, Hunan Province. He has been working for five years and has spent three Spring Festivals on construction sites.”I stayed on my own initiative.”Mr. Huang said he arrived at the construction site at 7 a.m. every day during the holiday, earlier than usual.The reason is that during holidays and festivals, the project department will increase the construction safety and quality inspection efforts, mainly for fear that the construction personnel appear lax, affecting the construction safety and quality.On the construction platform, Huang wenzhe checks the steel bar one by one, as well as each construction template, not letting go of any hidden danger.The chongqing-Qianjiang section of the Chongqing-Hunan high-speed railway is an important part of the “eight vertical and eight horizontal” high-speed railway planned by the state, with a total length of more than 260 kilometers, said Zhou Junhong, secretary of the Party branch of the 11th Chongqing and Guizhou Fourth Standard of China Railway Bureau.After the completion of the whole line, it will take less than one hour to travel from the central city of Chongqing to Qianjiang by high-speed rail.Chongqing and Guizhou four bids across banan district Huimin town, Jiangjia, Solilong, Shilong and other four towns.During the Spring Festival, more than 1,000 workers stood guard at the section.At 7 am on February 6th, Shen Jing, deputy chief engineer of chongqing Rail transit Line 4 Routine 1 project Department, rushed to Fusheng Station of Chongqing rail transit Line 4 phase 2 to check the engineering progress and material preparation of the station.Shen jing’s wife and two children came from Chengdu, Sichuan province, his hometown, to visit him during the Spring Festival.He doesn’t have much time for his family and is too busy with his work.”The progress of station construction has a direct bearing on whether the whole line can be opened to traffic on schedule.During the Spring Festival, more than 100 staff of the project department gave up their vacation, aiming to escort the early completion and opening of the second phase of Line 4.According to Shen, the general project department of The Second phase of Line 4 is responsible for the decoration, mechanical and electrical installation of eight stations and the construction of FAS(automatic fire alarm system) gas extinguishing system on the whole line.During the Spring Festival, he and his colleagues checked the construction safety and quality of the station every day, and checked the stock of construction materials at each station according to the construction progress, so as to determine whether to contact material suppliers in advance to increase orders.At Fusheng Station, the reporter saw that the main mechanical and electrical installation project of the station has entered the final stage, the ground decoration has been basically completed, the elevators and ticket gates for entering the station hall and platform have been installed, and the station guidance signs have been marked out.The station has reserved the transfer channel with the rail transit Line 15 under construction and the transfer channel with the fusheng high-speed railway station already in operation.”This is the fastest moving station on the line.”Shen jing said proudly that up to now, 70% of the mechanical and electrical engineering and decoration of the 8 main stations in the standard system 1 undertaken by China Railway Eighth Engineering Bureau have been completed, and they have fully entered the stage of single commissioning and comprehensive joint commissioning.It is reported that the second phase of Line 4 is the key project of the city’s rail transit, with a total length of about 32.8 kilometers and a total of 15 stations, starting from Phase I Tangjiatuo station and ending at Shichuan Station, connecting Tangjiatuo, Yufu Industrial Park and Longxing Industrial Park.At present, the second phase of line 4 has entered the stage of unmanned trial operation and will be completed and opened to traffic within the year.At 8 o ‘clock in the morning of February 6th, Lin Yong, a carpenter from China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau, and his workers have come to the construction site of Jiangbei International Airport TERMINAL T3B project to install wooden boards for the first floor of the hall.Lin Yong told chongqing Daily that the weather has been chilly in recent days, and in the early morning, wooden boards are installed on the “reinforced forest” several meters high, and frost can be seen occasionally.However, after a few days of work, we gradually adapted to the cold working environment, work more and more handy.”After we have finished the first floor of the hall, the rebar workers will tie up the rebar and concrete it.””He laughed.February 6, in jiangbei International Airport T3B terminal project site, China Construction eighth bureau carpenter Lin Yong is tense construction in the cold wind.Jiangbei International Airport T3B terminal project is entering a critical period of the ceiling gallery, in order to maintain the construction schedule, nearly 100 workers during the Spring Festival overtime.With the Spring Festival holiday coming to an end, the large-scale resumption of the project of Jiangbei International Airport TERMINAL T3B is also in an orderly preparation.It is expected that around the seventh day, about 400 people will be involved in the construction of the construction site;After the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the whole construction site will have more than 1,000 workers.It is reported that since the construction of Jiangbei International Airport T3B terminal project in November 2020, the ceiling of the main structure of the main structure of the finger corridor has been nearly 70% completed. It is expected to be completed by the end of June this year, and strive to be completed by the end of 2024.At that time, it will be put into use together with the fourth runway under construction and related supporting facilities, so that jiangbei Airport will form four runways and four terminals layout, meeting the annual passenger throughput of 80 million people, aircraft takeoff and landing of 580,000, cargo throughput of 1.2 million tons of demand.