Treasure Boy!Xiao Zhan hand-painted snow rong Rong refueling for the Winter Olympics, amazing works, more affectionate blessing

2022-08-08 0 By

The opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games has attracted the attention of the whole country.But in the competition, the Chinese athletes strive for the spirit of progress, also deeply infected the audience in front of the TV.So far, The Chinese team has won six gold MEDALS, setting a record in the history of the Olympic Games.With the Winter Olympic Games in full bloom and the Lantern Festival in full bloom, popular idol Xiao Zhan also sent his own wishes to the audience.While congratulating friends all over the country on a happy Lantern Festival, Xiao zhan also wished every winter Olympic athlete to pursue their dreams, enjoy the competition, realize their dreams in Beijing and create their own glory.On a postcard with the words “cheer up,” Xiao painted a picture of Xue Rongrong cheering for the Winter Olympics.As the mascots of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Bing Dwen Dwen and Xue Rong Rong are also popular.And this is also xiao Zhan once again to show you his painting level.His delicate and lifelike works have also attracted fans’ wonder, “What other talents do we not know about him”.In the lens, Xiao Zhan delicate outline, very carefully.And lovely snow rong rong, also under his brushwork, first see rudiment.And a face of serious appearance, also let fans sigh, serious men are good handsome ah.Lovely snow rong Rong is being painted……From Wei Wuxian’s stunning appearance in Chen Qing Ling to Gu Yye’s ruthless tenderness in Army Ace, Xiao Zhan constantly honed his acting skills in one role after another.And we’ve watched him grow into the top icon he is today.We also look forward to the following games, The Chinese players can make persistent efforts to bring us more surprises.I also wish Xiao Zhan more works for his fans in the New Year.