Often carry single shoulder bag, bad to skeleton?Here are 4 bone-breaking moves you probably do a lot

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Many people do not pay attention to bone protection, may let it be damaged, and then appear uncomfortable.In addition, as we get older, calcium is lost, and bones become brittle, which is a great risk of disease. Therefore, it is important to understand how to maintain bones properly, actively keep bones strong, and meet the needs of calcium, so that diseases can be kept away.So what unexpected actions can cause bone damage?1, often carry a backpack many people in class will bring a bag, bag has many types, some people choose to use a shoulder bag, but, the most obvious feeling of using a shoulder bag for a long time is easy to ache on one side of the shoulder, the height of the shoulder for a long time is different.Because in the process of using a shoulder bag, in order to avoid slipping, one side of the shoulder will involuntarily push up, while the other side will slightly downward, under the influence of such uneven behavior of force, the shoulder is easy to ache, thus affecting the bone.To make sure you’re healthy, use one shoulder bag alternately, or opt for a backpack or tote.2, Ge You lying will damage the bone behavior there are many, such as often Ge You lying.Some people work very tired for a day and want to relax completely when they come home, lying down to eat something or watch TV or play mobile phone, but some people lying on the soft sofa did not correct the individual sitting position, but used to ge You lie down.Ge You lie this posture is not advocated, because in ge You lie in the process is basically not hip contact sofa surface, but rely on lumbar vertebrae, the whole person is in the state of soft paralysis, such lumbar vertebrae for a long time force will let bone be harmed.If the lumbar spine is easy to pain, there is a lumbar muscle strain, the symptoms will be aggravated.3. People who rely on mobile phones can find that their cervical spine function is reduced and they are more prone to pain.Because the cervical spine is a very fragile part, there is poor posture, often sedentary will make its pressure increased.While some people play mobile phone frequency is high, the time of using mobile phone is too long, the muscles of cervical spine are in a state of tension, the local circulation can not be maintained well, there may be a sense of pain.In addition, the cervical vertebra is in the state of bending for a long time, which also causes bone damage.For the sake of health, cervical spine maintenance work can not be left behind, the frequency of using mobile phones should be controlled.4 to fall asleep at my desk, bone is damage and poor sleep posture, some workers have a rest at noon time, but because of the constraints can’t lie on the bed, lying down to sleep, so habitual on my desk in directly to the arm as a pillow repose, but this kind of behavior is not desirable, can make bones hurt.In the process of lying on your stomach to sleep, the cervical spine and lumbar spine will bend greatly. If you have this kind of behavior every day, the burden of lumbar spine will increase and it is easy to happen pathological changes, and the arm will compress and affect the local blood circulation as a pillow.Sleep in the right position for your health.Health follows me