Just announced!One positive case was found in Fuzhou Taijiang

2022-08-08 0 By

On 31 March 2022, a COVID-19 virus positive case was found in the initial nucleic acid screening of close contacts of positive cases in the field, which was retested positive by Fuzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention.At present, the personnel has been transferred to a designated place for centralized isolation management.Main activities: Liu xx, a business person from other places to Banyan.Get on the train from Shaoxing North Railway Station at 11:09 on March 28, take train D3205 and get off at fuzhou South Railway Station at 15:57.Get off the bullet train and walk to Fuzhou South Subway Station. Take Metro Line 1 to exit A of Road Station at 16:50 and then walk to Hanting Fuzhou Shang Shang Hang Hotel in Hualian Building, 47 Taijiang Road. Check in at 17:18 and stay there after checking in.At 7:42 am on March 29th, we will have dinner on the 1st floor.8:03 from the hotel to the taijiang cinema bus station, and then returned to the hotel at 8:09 did not go out.17:48 walk from the hotel, 17:51 to the first floor of East Baiyuan Hongcheng, 17:54 to Yuan Hong Jinjiang Hou Ma Yiza Lanzhou Ramen Restaurant for dinner.After dinner, I went to the next convenience store for shopping. Then I walked to the hotel at 18:25 and didn’t go out.At 20:40, he was identified as a close contact of Zeng, a putian positive case, and was then sent to an isolation hotel for isolation.At present, Liu has been isolated in a designated hospital for management, close contacts and sub-close contacts determined by flow adjustment have been tracked in place and implemented control, and the areas involved in the activity track have been implemented terminal disinfection.If there is any overlap between the activities of citizens and those tested positive, please report to your community or work unit and cooperate with nucleic acid testing, medical observation or health monitoring and other prevention and control measures.If serious consequences are caused by concealment, relevant responsibilities will be investigated in accordance with the law.Contact number: 0591-83961195.The general public is reminded to take further personal protection, wear masks, wash hands, ventilate frequently, maintain social distancing, and cooperate with relevant departments to do a good job in health management.Novel Coronavirus Prevention and Control Emergency Command Of Taijiang District