Jiangsu boy in Cambodia was repeatedly resold blood for money bloated and dying

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On February 12, news spread online that a Young Chinese man in Cambodia was put into captivity for “blood drawing and selling”.Sources said the man, who was born in the 1990s, received three bottles of blood every one and a half months and is currently in the First Hospital of China and Cambodia.On February 14, the reporter contacted phnom Penh Zhongcambodian No. 1 Hospital for verification, hospital director Zhu Minxue told the reporter: “The boy came to the hospital on February 11, after eight bags of blood transfusion (350 ml/bag, that is 2800 ml), has passed the critical stage, is receiving further treatment.”The Chinese Embassy in Cambodia and the police have communicated with the young man over the phone before 11 o ‘clock on February 15, and will further investigate and provide him with as much help as possible.On February 14, an article circulated online about the rescue of a Young Chinese man at the First China-Cambodia Hospital in Cambodia.”Type O blood,” the article said, “is valuable, so it gets squeezed dry.””Three vials of blood every month and a half, and seven or eight people.”According to the article, Li Yaming (pseudonym), born in 1991 in Jiangsu province, was extremely swollen except for her right arm when she was admitted to the hospital. When she took off her clothes, her body was riddled with needles.Upstream news reporters learned from public information that the China-Cambodia First Hospital is a comprehensive hospital in Phnom Penh, invested and built by a local private enterprise and hired a Medical team from China.”The boy, whose registered name is Li Ya-yuanlun, has passed the critical stage after receiving eight bags of blood (350 ml/bag, or 2,800 ml), and is now receiving further treatment,” Zhu Minxue, director of the hospital, told Upstream News on February 14 evening.The crisis is now over.At present, the hospital is actively treating him. The multiple needles mentioned in the article are not accurate. The needles in the boy’s head are not like the needles in his arm.When she was admitted to hospital, we had to take blood test for her. Due to severe ischemia, scrotal enlargement, atrophy of blood vessels and swelling of her whole body, the head nurse from China who had worked for more than 30 years could not find blood vessels at that time.Near the thigh, the skin was cut open to find blood vessels and we found that the blood was bloody.”Chen An, secretary-general of the China-Cambodia Business Association, who participated in the rescue operation, confirmed to upstream news reporters that the real name of li Yaming (pseudonym), the patient reported in the article, was Li Yayanlun, born on June 2, 1991.”Li Yayuan lun lives in The Yellow Sea Middle Road, Tinghu District, Yancheng City, Jiangsu province,” xiao Chen, a volunteer in charge of the care of Li’s hospital bed, told reporters.The doctor pointed out that Li Yayunlun had several stitches on her arm. Photo source: Video screenshot provided by The China-Cambodia Volunteer Team Rescued young man: Blood was drawn 7 times by the “Park” before being rescued. With the help of local caring people, the reporter contacted Guo Ming (pseudonym), a member of the local China-Cambodia volunteer team who participated in the whole rescue process.He told upstream news: “On the evening of February 10, the volunteer team received a call for help from Li Ya-yuanlun.As it was too late, we picked him up early on February 11 and sent him to the First China-Cambodia Hospital for treatment.”Reporters obtained Li Yayuan lun February 11 was rescued by the hospital nearly 9 minutes of video.In the video, reporters saw Li yayuan lun telling the China-Cambodia volunteer team that he fled when the online fraud ring was not watching.He has worked as a security guard in several organizations and a small business in China. He grew up in a welfare home and now has no family at home.In June 2021, he was introduced to Work in Guangxi with a high salary.After arriving in Pingxiang, he was kidnapped and sent to Cambodia.As he refused to participate in online fraud activities, he was resold many times. In nearly half a year, he was drawn blood of 3 infusion bottles every month and a half by the “doctor” brought by “Park”, and his blood was drawn for 7 times in total.Video shows him telling rescuers as he points to an IV bag above his bed.As the reporter understands, the capacity of such a transfusion bag is 500 ml, and the capacity of three bags is 1500 ml.That means 1,500 milliliters of blood were taken every 45 days.The hotline customer service of the Chongqing Blood Center told upstream news reporters that a healthy man can donate up to 400 milliliters of blood at one time and must wait six months before donating again.In a healthy man, taking 1,500 milliliters of blood at once would put his life at risk.February 15 medical personnel are to leah edge image: nylon treatment in Cambodia volunteer team for figure volunteer team members: drawing his blood is network fraud gang in the video, leah rim nylon told sino-cambodian volunteer team, “” doctor” to their park, can’t find out the blood vessels in my body, find blood vessels of the head.”In the video taken to the hospital on February 12, Li’s head was clear, but his physical condition was not optimistic.”Xiao Li’s blood was drained and she was close to death,” Zhu minxue told reporters.Zhu said the boy also suffered from severe anemia, edema, ascites, cirrhosis and other complications.Long zhu college through WeChat upstream news interview image: WeChat screenshots to participate in the whole process of the rescue of bilateral volunteer team members upstream Mr Cases.surgery told reporters that involved in the rescue, also doubt that the parties concerned, at the time of rescue leah edge black silk ribbon, nurse for a long time didn’t find blood transfusions save blood vessels, and at last the skin incision for blood vessels.On February 12, with the help of the China-Cambodia Volunteer team and the China-Cambodia Charity Committee, the hospital sent four bags of blood to the Cambodian national Blood Bank for emergency treatment. After two days of rescue, Li Yayuan Lun was saved.On February 14, Li Yayuanlun told upstream news reporters via wechat: “Thank you for your concern, thank you words can not be described.”On the same day, the official account of the China-Cambodia Volunteer Team issued a tweet calling on local people to donate blood.”A total of 8 heroes are required to donate 350CC of blood, with no blood type limit (blood type can be replaced at the national blood bank), at the National blood bank of Cambodia-Soviet Friendship Hospital.”Upstream news reporters noted that donors must meet six requirements, including “have not received a blood transfusion from another person for three years.”In interviews, the two words upstream journalists heard most frequently were “park”.What does that mean?Guo Ming said: “Is the network fraud gang name.”On February 15th morning, embassy staff direct talks with the parties concerned Image: bilateral volunteer team for the figure hospital: embassy, police have dialogue with the victim for jiangsu guy is leah rim nylon network fraud gang “blood money”, the bilateral trade association secretary general Chen An upstream told reporters that Mr.”It’s the first time we’ve heard or seen anything like this.”On the afternoon of February 14, upstream news reporters called the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia. After informing the relevant situation, the embassy staff said that the embassy was not aware of this matter.The staff then asked him his address and name in Cambodia and whether he had any relatives or friends in Cambodia.Han Ming in the upstream news reporters after the call, also immediately called the embassy’s working phone.At 10:23 on February 15, Zhu told upstream news reporters: “Now the embassy, the police and the victim are on a voice call. They called me on wechat and I asked the victim to answer the phone.”According to upstream news reporters, the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia and Phnom Penh police will further investigate the case, and the Embassy will do its best to provide necessary help.Source: Upstream News