Experts teach you how to fight stomach Flu

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Spring Festival holiday, enjoy family reunion, also enjoy countless delicacies, but after the holiday, the intestines and stomach suffered.On February 14, experts from the physical examination and health care department of Shaanxi Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine taught people how to win the battle to protect their stomach after the holiday.Experts say that during the Spring Festival, three meals a day are often sumptuous, candy, melon seeds and other snacks are also essential for every family, if you eat too much, you will get indigestion.Holiday diet is irregular, and intake increases, high oil, high protein food intake is excessive, resulting in an increase in digestive disease.Although the number of people suffering from alcohol poisoning has decreased in recent years, heavy drinking during festivals is still the cause of the high incidence of stomach diseases. The stronger the alcohol, the greater the amount of alcohol, and the longer the drinking time, the greater the stimulation to the esophageal and gastric mucosa, and also easy to induce mucosal erosion or ulcers.If the drinker already has gastritis, stomach ulcer, more prone to stomach bleeding.Clinically, the following diseases are the most common during festivals.One is gastroesophageal reflux: often appear pantothenic acid, heartburn, sternal pain and other symptoms.Two is peptic ulcer: peptic ulcer mainly occurs in the stomach and duodenum, can also occur in the lower part of the esophagus and other parts.During the New Year, a large intake of coffee, tea, sweets and so on are easy to cause increased gastric acid secretion, leading to the recurrence of peptic ulcer.Both gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer show pain in the upper abdomen, but the former is more common in middle-aged and elderly people and is manifested as “postprandial pain” (more than half an hour to 2 hours after a meal, lasting 1-2 hours), while the latter is more common in young people and is manifested as “night pain”.Three is cholecystitis, gallstone: the position of the gallbladder and the stomach is close, so that some patients with cholecystitis and gallstone think they are stomach discomfort.Typical biliary colic is often aggravated after eating, especially after eating greasy food, the location of the right upper abdomen, sometimes accompanied by right shoulder and back pain, nausea and vomiting and even fever symptoms.Digestive tract tumors account for four of the top five cancer deaths in China, including stomach, esophageal, colorectal and liver cancers.But because of the resistance to the examination, many people will not take the initiative to go to the hospital for a gastroenteroscopy.85% of gastrointestinal tumors diagnosed in China are in intermediate and advanced stage, and the 5-year survival rate is less than 30%.Gastroenteroscopy is the first choice for diagnosis of digestive tract diseases and the best method for screening early gastrointestinal cancer.At present has received leave to rework, experts suggest that you give your gastrointestinal tract to a health examination.In addition, in order to help the intestinal tract better “work”, digestive experts in the diet daily life also gave a reminder.Experts say that eating whole grains (whole grains, beans and nuts) ensures that you’re getting enough fiber.Short-chain fatty acids produced by dietary fiber in the intestinal tract can provide “nourishment” for the growth of probiotics and promote the reproduction of “beneficial bacteria”.It is recommended to mix cereals and beans in a ratio of 3:1 or 2:1, soak them and steam them. You can eat them directly, or fry them with eggs and vegetables. You can also add some medji berries and red dates and boil them into porridge with slow fire, but not to the sticky starch paste state.Eat 70 percent full at every meal. Don’t eat until you’re full.Avoid high-fat foods, as the extra nutrients in your body allow harmful bacteria to grow and change the structure of your gut flora.Experts recommend that more than 60% of the daily intake of fiber-rich foods (oats, buckwheat and other grains), 30% of the intake of fresh vegetables and no more than 10% of the intake of meat.Many people feel comfortable from head to foot on a hot day when they drink a big mouthful of iced drink, beer or a Popsicle.However, the stomach does not like too cold food.Especially many people after exercise or a sweat, suddenly poured a stomach full of ice water, it is likely not long before the onset of stomach pain, diarrhea.Experts suggest that it is best to drink warm drinks, such as cold white open room temperature, slightly cool tea and so on.Stomach “love new things”, love to eat just made meals.Eating leftovers that have not been preserved is likely to cause a stomach upset.It is recommended that meals be cooked and eaten, preferably without leftovers.If you occasionally have leftover food, put pasta and meat in the refrigerator after cooling thoroughly.Source: Xi ‘an newspaper all media reporter Ma Xiang editor: Zhiyi