Author: Meemaw, strong Amway, start without loss

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The Jungle Book by Meemaw: The pre-marital love between The rebar salesman Memphis and the police pony.Married life of small-town youth.Family quarrels, daily necessities.Book Review: This is a little group of feeling, mainly about the male and female master and the people around them the story, very grounded, although very daily but laugh a lot of female Lin Fei after graduation, in the county and his brother respectively take care of the home of two steel shop, daily is to guard the shop, supervision workers to move steel (envy envy).I like this woman very much. She has great skills in mouth. She seems to be fierce but in fact she is hard and soft-hearted and heavy in feelings.The story of men and women took place in the county, the male master is the police, father does not hurt mother does not love, but fortunately, the occupation has a good system long handsome, provoked to a peach blossom.The peach blossom is she enemy, she began to misunderstanding men is enemy boyfriend heart also blocked panic, but behind the misunderstanding lifted, men that sentence, she hit bottom of the impression of the pony police officer rebound.So back to the men, like tying in the first place, because she particularly lively, men from side is very cold and cheerless, the emergence of the Japanese as warm as the men, men begin to close to the Japanese, involuntary every now and then ran to shop around before tying steel, and later also not hiding anything just say we want to try, she didn’t resist in particular,Slowly came together.Later because of one thing, she wanted to give men out, two people excited to get the card, opened the sweet two people world.Married life is also very sweet, pony police officer gentle and considerate, small fei warm straight, two people super complementary, parents can also let people see with relish.Fireworks life is also desirable!Recommend recommend!!