Are museums open on Tomb-sweeping Day

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The museum is open for Qingming Festival.Among the museums open are: Qingpu Museum, Shanghai Museum, Xizang Museum, Hainan Museum, Liaoning Museum.Qingpu Museum is open all year round and on Qingming Festival, from 9:00 to 16:00.It is located in Songze Square, Qingpu District, Shanghai, with a collection of nearly 10,000 pieces and a construction area of about 8,800 square meters. Its shape is like a butterfly spreading its wings to fly. The whole building is divided into five main areas because of five ellipses.The middle part is the lobby, with 8-meter-high large stone bas-relief “Ode to the Green Dragon” as the theme background, solemn and elegant, is a public place to provide service and rest for the audience.East, south wing of the museum’s display area, exhibition area is 3600 square meters, it is a museum of new ideas for the purpose of communication, using high-tech means such as sound, light, electricity, display the cultural relics and reconstruction of scene, elegant materials, combining multimedia auxiliary means of images, the audience can easily and clear, pleasant cognitive qingpu history, interpretation of ancient Shanghai.Shanghai Museum, except national holidays, closed on Mondays, qingming Festival.The time is 9:00 to 17:00, after 16:00, the entrance is closed.It is an AAAA scenic spot located on Renmin Avenue in Huangpu District.The total construction area is 39,200 square meters, covering an area of 11,000 square meters, two floors underground, five floors above the ground, 29.5 meters high.The museum is an architectural shape combining the square base and the circular protrusion of the river, with the Chinese meaning of “round heaven and place”.The museum has 11 special halls and 3 exhibition halls with a display area of 2,800 square meters.The collection of cultural relics is close to one million, among which 120,000 are fine cultural relics, among which bronzes, ceramics, calligraphy and paintings are especially featured.It has collected bronzes from Baoji, Henan, Hunan and other places, and enjoys the reputation of “half the country” in the cultural heritage field. It is a large museum of ancient Chinese art.Tibet Museum, Qingming Festival normally open, and is free of charge.Located in the southeast corner of Norbulingka in Lhasa, it is the first museum with fashionable functions in Tibet.Covers an area of 53,959 square meters, with a total construction area of 23,508 square meters and an exhibition area of 10,451 square meters.The preface hall, the main exhibition hall and the cultural relics warehouse are located on the central axis of the museum area.The Tibet Museum has distinct characteristics of traditional Tibetan architecture, and at the same time profoundly embodies the practical characteristics and artistic charm of architecture.The first floor of the exhibition area is the Expo hall, and the second and third floors are eight special exhibition halls, displaying cultural relics and objects reflecting eight aspects of Tibet, including prehistory, general history, nature, folk customs and crafts.Hainan Museum, national 4A level tourist attraction, qingming Festival exhibition hall is open from 9:00 to 17:00, closed at 16:30.It is located in Haikou City, Hainan Province. It is a comprehensive museum in Hainan province and a national first-class museum.It has four basic exhibitions, namely, Hainan Cultural Relics Exhibition, Hainan History Exhibition, Hainan Ethnic Minorities Exhibition and Hainan Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition, which display hainan’s history, ethnic minority culture, intangible cultural heritage and cultural relics.By 2019, hainan Provincial Museum had collected 25,287 cultural relics and 1,424 collections and auxiliary exhibits.Hainan Museum has 20 exhibition halls, the largest of which covers an area of 1,200 square meters and the smallest of which covers nearly 230 square meters.Liaoning Provincial Museum will be open all day on Qingming Festival.9:00 to 16:00, 16:30 clear, 17:00 closed.It is a comprehensive museum located at Zhihui Third Street, Hunnan District, Shenyang city, Liaoning Province, China.It is the first museum established by the People’s Republic of China.Rotational basis totaled 115000 pieces of archaeological excavations in liaoning area and the history of the arts cultural relics handed down from ancient times as the main body, the collection is divided into archaeology, calligraphy and painting, sculpture, ceramics, silk embroidery, clothing, bronze, currency, lacquer, cloisonne, furniture, paleontology, minority cultural relics, oracle, applied forms and other 17 classes, formed the large scale system of collection.