“This place of peace is my hometown” Quanzhou doctor aid Botswana

2022-08-07 0 By

Quanzhou.com, February 3 (Reporter Su Kaifang) Thousands of miles away in Africa, the 16th Batch of Medical teams from China (Fujian) to Botswana are still standing firm at their posts.It is understood that in this team of 46 people, a total of 10 players from Quanzhou.Six were at the Princess Marina Hospital in the capital, Gaborone, and four were at the referral hospital in Francistown Yangagwe, the country’s second largest economic city.Due to the epidemic and the distance of hundreds of kilometers, the 10 team members had to spend the Spring Festival on the spot.Hou Rong, an oncology nurse at the Jiagui Referral Hospital in Yangyang, told reporters that she wanted to buy the Chinese character “Fu” to create a festive atmosphere, but local Chinese shops could not buy it.Want to write their own Spring Festival couplets, but also can not buy red paper.She printed a Chinese character “fu” on A4 paper, then cut it out and pasted it on cardboard wrapped in red cloth. A self-made Chinese character “fu” was barely formed.For festive lanterns, she makes them out of mineral water bottles and red balloons.In foreign countries, the atmosphere of The Spring Festival is far less than that of home, but the team members will get together to make dumplings and eat the reunion dinner, video link with their relatives back home, and reunite in the clouds.”Although we are thousands of miles apart from our motherland and our relatives, our hearts are always concerned about our country and our small family.In Africa, foreign aid is for the country. Only when you have a country can you have a home. Therefore, the Spring Festival here is all the more meaningful.”The two Spring Festivals spent in Francistown will be the most unforgettable days of their lives, the team members said.