The tide is the real tide!CCTV news jointly launched the annual live broadcast, attracting more than 13 million netizens across the platform

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“Congratulations you make a fortune, congratulations you wonderful, the best please come over, bad please go away, more fight more colorful!”On February 16th, after just spending the Lantern Festival with the whole people, CCTV hosts Li Sisi and Nig Maitti were guests at pindoduo Live broadcast with goods, and recommended “New National tide” and “new domestic goods” to 13 million netizens on the platform, and continued to send the blessing of “Opening annual interest is”.Special it is understood that the broadcast by CCTV news combined together, a lot in the CCTV news weibo, CCTV news video, epicenter video client, the spell of the App and small programs such as multi-channel broadcast at the same time, the air of the goods are in billions subsidies on the basis of the second preferential, aimed at the national people’s to open the first nice gift of the year.Special bring the broadcast in the CCTV news weibo, CCTV news video, epicenter video client and spell, many small program, the client and other multi-channel synchronous broadcast in this live, sisi, nigel buy special recommends the sparrow gazelles, back to the net friend, leap, watches, Ma Kehua seagull, anta, and made white, and li ning products such as home products,We will help the “new Wave of China” and “new domestic products” connect directly with new consumption.Not long ago, Pinduoduo officially launched the “2022 Duoduo New Tide” action, with the concept of “Quality National tide, better life”, aiming to further give full play to the majority of consumers and digital technology advantages of the platform, to provide special support for new domestic goods and new Tide brands, and help China’s real economy.”Have you watched the Winter Olympics yet, Xiao Ni?At the beginning of the winter Olympic Games, the two CCTV hosts brought a series of domestic sports products to the netizens, including Peak all-round freestyle snowboard, Anta energy ring women’s walking shoes, red Double Happiness badminton racquet set, etc.Just after the Lantern Festival, and on the occasion of the Winter Olympics grand ceremony, the live broadcast of the new tide, new domestic goods are particularly favored by netizens.”Every second, the heart on the dial is beating, as beautiful as the heart.”When CCTV host Li Sisi recommended a new seagull watch to netizens during a live broadcast, netizens left comments that “the girl’s heart has been hit” and “China fashion is the real fashion”.▲ Seagull Guochao watch on the basis of billions of subsidies directly down 200 yuan, the whole network low 1799 yuan, live price only 999 yuan.Later, a joint hoodie between Mark Huafei and National Treasure caught the attention of the audience in the live broadcast again. This national fashion hoodie incorporates traditional Chinese cultural relics, and the embroidered print pattern on the chest is the co-name goldfin bird from National Treasure, reflecting the perfect combination of tradition and trend.In the live broadcast, a “Patriotic youth” canvas shoes from the old brand Huili also made Xiao Ni “love his feet”. After wearing them, he said that they were “comfortable and trendy”, attracting netizens to place orders one after another.In the live broadcast of the night, Li Sisi and Nigamaetti also issued a large wave of excess benefits for the net users, new guochao, time-honored products in the basis of 10 billion subsidies for the second time.For example, The Seagull Guochao watch has been directly reduced by 200 yuan on the basis of 10 billion yuan of subsidies. The low price of the whole network is 1799 yuan, and the price of the live broadcast is only 999 yuan.100 bird antelope tiger year gift box is also the first time for preferential subsidies, the network low 439 yuan, 353 yuan live price.▲ In just 3 hours, more than 13 million consumers from all over the country poured into the live broadcast room for interaction and ordering through multiple channels.Led by Li Sisi and Nig Maiti, the enthusiasm of netizens has not been reduced.As of 22:00 that night, 13 million netizens poured into the live broadcast room to buy good guochao products. The average daily sales of single products such as Seagull, Huili and Baiquelin increased by more than 370% year on year, and drove the growth of products such as New Guochao and time-honored brands on the platform by more than 240%.In recent years, “New Fashion” and “new domestic goods” have become the hottest consumer phenomenon, which has also brought new opportunities for many domestic brands.Not long ago, Pindoduo announced the official launch of the “2022 Duoduo New Tide” action, with the concept of “Quality New tide, a better life”, aiming to further give play to the largest number of consumers and digital technology advantages of the platform, continue to promote “new domestic goods” and “New Tide” directly connected with new consumption, and help China’s real economy.”Duo Duo New tide” project director said that in the next year, Duo Duo will set up a special team, start the second kill support plan, 10 billion subsidy star plan, 10 billion weight “support resource package”, cultivate 10 billion new tide brand, 100 billion tide brand.In order to continuously promote the direct connection between new domestic products and new consumption, Pindoduo also launched the first quarter of “New Fashion Consumption Season” together with more than 100 domestic brands such as Midea, Shanghai Jahwa, Liby, Junlebao, Galanz, Gujia Home, Hongxing Erke, Tan Carpenter and so on.Users open Pinduoduo, search for “New Guochao”, “New domestic goods” and “Duoduo New Guochao”, and then enter the relevant page, and place an order of new Domestic goods and new Guochao products with one click.It is understood that the first consumption season of “Duo Duo Xin Guo Chao” will last from January 15 to the end of February.During this period, Pinduoduo will invest at least 1 billion level of traffic resources to provide special support for new Guochao brands, and the subsidies of 10 billion yuan will also cover all the brands and commodities shortlisted.At present, the “Duo Duo Xin National Tide” campaign has entered the fields of Chinese household appliance manufacturing, light industry and beauty makeup industry successively, and has cooperated with Midea, Puraiya, Ailai and other brands to explore a new mode of “data and reality integration” through “platform special contribution”, “full-link cooperation” and “digital upgrade”.▲ Pelaiya Huzhou production Base is presented to PINDUoduo consumers for the first time through live broadcast.On February 14, on Valentine’s Day, the “2022 Duo Duo Xin Guo Chao” campaign united with Domestic beauty Perya to open a full-link live broadcast, leading more than 2.3 million netizens to punch in the research and innovation center, international scientific research institute and Huzhou production base of Perya.Related person in charge of Puraya said that the live broadcast aims to present the whole process of Puraya products from source to sales, so that consumers can better understand the strength of puraya research and development and production, and enhance the pride and credibility of consumers to buy domestic products.■ Editor/Liu Jun