Protect Shanghai, fight the epidemic with me!

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Since March, more than 130 police officers from baoshan District People’s Procuratorate have been working as volunteers in the community to fight the epidemic, joining the “red fortress” of epidemic prevention and control together with white soldiers, cadres of neighborhood committees and community residents.Wang Yunyi, party branch of the office, said: it’s just dawn, nucleic acid testing is about to start. The next day may be busy and hoarse, but I think it’s worth it.During the nucleic acid test, there are cute children wearing dinosaur shells to keep saying to me: “Thank you, you have worked hard” and tottering elderly nod thank you……These all make my job easy and pleasant.In a few days, I participated in nucleic acid testing of more than 30 buildings and nearly 2,000 people. I worked together with the cadres of the Neighborhood Committee and other volunteers to ensure the smooth completion of each nucleic acid test. This made me truly feel that “when a thousand people are of one mind, a thousand people have the strength”.I hope Shanghai will realize dynamic zeroing at an early date and regain its former vitality!Qu Linta, party branch of the First Procurator’s Department, said, “I answered the call to report to the neighborhood committee of my community on March 31 and became a volunteer for epidemic prevention and control.In the past few days, I have become a little brick, moving wherever I need to. I have been responsible for scanning nucleic acid testing codes, maintaining testing order, delivering vegetables to the elderly who live alone, making nucleic acid testing codes for hundreds of elderly people, and so on. I have acted as “Xiao LAN” and “Baymax”.Volunteer work is not easy and has its risks, but I always feel happy to be able to work side by side with friends, residents and dedicated volunteers during this special time.Is guarding, is also guarding “Hu”, spring has come, we will win!Li Keta, party branch of the Fifth Procuratorial Department, said, “As a party member, I fought with other party members and residents in the community at the first time in the first line of material unloading and house-to-house distribution, we worked together for three hours to ensure that the daily necessities distributed by the government were delivered to every household in the community.In the work of antigen self-test, I carefully do a good job of door-to-door delivery and recycling of kits, to ensure that every household to complete the antigen self-test, and confirm the results;During nucleic acid screening, I was responsible for guiding residents to complete nucleic acid testing in an orderly and efficient manner.Although I am not on the front line like medical staff, I am bound to do what I can.Sixth procuratorial department party branch he Yonggang Ta said: to say the truth, my daughter-in-law is the cadres of the neighborhood committee, so I deeply understand the hard work of the cadres of the neighborhood committee, before the seal control, my daughter-in-law went home at two o ‘clock in the morning, took a bath and slept, got up at five o ‘clock and walked, I looked distressed but could not help.Sometimes she has to buy vegetables, food and dispense medicine for the residents, which hurts in my eyes and in my heart.After the lockdown of our community, I thought that as a former cadre, a veteran Party member, and a procuratorial cadre, I should be more in the forefront and have the courage to take responsibility. In the control and control of the epidemic, I should do a good job in publicity and guidance, order maintenance, relieve the worries and difficulties of residents, and lighten the burden of the work of the cadres of the neighborhood Committee.Source: Official wechat of Shanghai Baoshan