Not drinking three alcoholic drinks during the Spring Festival is no better than not having three relatives

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In the New Year, not only the day, but also our way of life will be rebooted.Spring Festival, a new beginning, vientiane renewal.For the New Year, it’s not just the day that needs to be rebooted, it’s the way we live.Meaningless wine, do not drink, consume your people, stay away.Discard unnecessary burdens and adjust your body and mind to welcome the New Year.Don’t drink too much Alcohol As the saying goes, everything in moderation leads to disaster.On Chinese New Year’s Day, appropriate drinking can be pleasant and nourishing, too much drinking is to spoil the body.As a netizen said, “toasting to drink all over the world kan, is the hero of the banquet;If you can drink, drink less and take care of your health.New Year’s day, do not drink, take good care of your body, to have the confidence to laugh at life.Some people say that the liquor bureau has become a passive social society, and has spawned a series of alcohol promotion culture.”Feelings deep a stuffy,” “don’t drink is not my brother”……The wine bureau looks lively, but in fact it is a sword.Not to drink advice is not to look down on others, but to treat yourself.If a person regardless of your body and feelings, trying to persuade you to drink too much, is not a true friend.As the New Year draws near, there will be no shortage of parties.Value your friend, will naturally meet with sincerity, those who have nothing to do with you wine bureau, do not go up.Some people look warm, but behind their backs they are full of calculation, smiling in front of them and unfathomable behind them.Hostile wine bureau, try not to go, strangers to toast, try not to drink.Halfway through life, we have a heavy burden on our shoulders, and we must stand firmly.Social intercourse is measured, there is no wine bureau, learn to refuse.When some people return home after the Spring Festival, they will inevitably be envied by us.Envy can give birth to the power of our struggle, but blindly comparison will make people face the abyss.I have a friend who comes from a good family and lives in harmony.At the end of the year, she learned that two neighbors bought a house in Hainan, ready to spend the Spring Festival there, she borrowed money to also provide a suite in Hainan.After the economic pressure increases, she and her husband often quarrel, her husband has a sudden heart attack in hospital, but she can not take money, home clouds clouds, she just regret.Carnegie once said, “Much of the trouble in life comes from comparing ourselves with others and forgetting to enjoy our own life.”People have flowers, I have the bright moon breeze, live content, then get comfortable.Writer Liu Na has lamented that many Chinese parents regard their children as their face.Every festival, but also parents of large competition scene.”Look at your uncle’s boy, who gets the first prize in the examination every year.” “Look at your cousin, who gets the first prize in the composition contest…”When we were young, we hated being compared to others by our parents, but when we became parents, we ended up living the way we hated.Blind comparison, not only hit the child’s confidence, but also damage the parent-child affection.A child has his own trajectory.Wise parents accept their child’s shortcomings and allow him to fail.Before dayao went back to his hometown, he asked us to get together with some of his friends.Some old friends talked about the trivia of life and the arrangement of returning home. After a few glasses of wine, the atmosphere was very harmonious.In this room, there are businessmen with tens of millions of dollars and executives of public companies, but we are still the same as when we first met.Don’t talk about achievements, high and low.The further you go, the more you realize that people have different starting points and different experiences, and naturally there are high and low achievements.All kinds of earthly happiness, is to live out, not compared with others.Between friends, not career, just have a long friendship.Snobbish relatives “If you live in poverty in a busy city, no one will ask, but if you live in wealth, you have distant relatives in the mountains.”Every Spring Festival, this sentence can always get the best confirmation.Mix the good family door, ushered in the ordinary family, deserted.Human nature is cool and thin, relatives worship high step on low, more people cold.In the eyes of snobbish relatives, family affection is used to climb up and seek benefits, when you are in power, he is diligent in contacts, you have no money and no power, he detour.Just want to be in your glory, when down and out but to you kick the people, as soon as possible away.Calculating Relatives Some say the most chilling relationship between relatives is always calculated.There is a kind of person, is always the word, you treat him honestly, he with you.Under the guise of family, they take too much, take too much, and you end up feeling like you owe them.We all have an emotional account. If we overdraw, the relationship will eventually fall apart.Count your relatives, don’t move, keep selfish people out of your life circle.3. There is nothing wrong with ungrateful relatives supporting each other. They are afraid that others will not be grateful, but push their luck.When you help him once, there are countless times when he doesn’t meet his expectations, and he resents you.Not grateful people, nature cool thin.Your good, he took for granted, when you are in trouble, he turned a deaf ear.Between people, is mutual, how you treat me, I will treat you.Nietzsche once said, I am smart because I never waste energy on unnecessary things.When you reach a certain age, you learn to subtract.Cut out meaningless meals, fake friends and overspending relatives.Give it a thumbs up, it’s a New Year, not bound by the so-called “human”