Li Xiaolu houhai to accompany her daughter to play, not afraid of passers-by chase is face state of mind, Jia Nailiang is also in Sanya

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On February 8, netizens posted a video of li Xiaolu and her daughter playing by the pool in Houhai, Sanya.In the video, many children play in a swimming pool, while Xiao Tianxin, wearing a yellow bathing suit, interacts lovingly with her mother.Li Xiaolu stood on the shore to throw sweet jasmine swimming circle, a face with a smile, with hot pants Li Xiaolu a pair of beautiful legs steal the mirror, covered with long hair girl feeling.Li Xiaolu looked at sweet sweet jasmine play very happy, next to many passers-by recognize Li Xiaolu, they or squatting in the side of filming, there are passers-by with a mobile phone directly around Li Xiaolu shoot, even directly shot Li Xiaolu is face, Li Xiaolu is a face calm, don’t mind others eyes.On the 9th Li Xiaolu is posted a comparison video, ordinary life versatile Jia Yunxin children VS not afraid of difficulties without burden of the female man xin Ye, sweet xin can play the piano, love to dance, cute and lovely;Play some exciting sports is exposed nature, skiing is not afraid of falling, and mother in the community to play snow like a boy, the contrast is big.In reality, Tianxin is as clever and cute as when she was a child. She is very routine when teaching pets. Even her mother speaks highly of Tianxin.During the New Year, many netizens sun Li Xiaolu Sanya vacation photos, Li Xiaolu and Left bank xiao and other network red friends, the camera under the Li Xiaolu makeup, hot body, hot mom a.At the same time, Li Xiaolu friends Ma Zhiyu sun party, sweet jasmine and grandma to accompany Li Xiaolu to the party, with a red dress li Xiaolu mother and daughter as if sisters flower, small sweet jasmine grew up more beautiful, facial features like father, temperament and like mother, very smart.New Year’s holiday in Sanya, netizens are more curious about Jia Nailiang’s trip, yesterday some netizens took the same appeared in Sanya, Jia Nailiang appeared in a barber shop, although the side did not see Li Xiaolu mother and daughter, is not a family holiday trip?Night after the storm, Li Xiaolu word of mouth took a turn for the worse, and Jia Nailiang in 2019 official announcement of divorce, divorce has been repeatedly exposed to compound, last year Jia Nailiang also face to face response, and Li Xiaolu compound, Li Xiaolu had strong reconcile daughter’s life is very happy, suggesting that there is no new progress in feelings.After the divorce of Jia Nailiang focus on career, great changes, but more gratified is Li Xiaolu Jia Nailiang reached a consensus, to continue to give sweet jasmine a happy childhood, so that after divorce they were shot with the frame playing badminton, Jia Nailiang Li Xiaolu together for sweet jasmine birthday.Li Xiaolu does not mind Jia Nailiang accompany her daughter, last year sweet sweet birthday or weekend, many netizens came across Jia Nailiang baby shopping picture, Jia Nailiang accompanied her daughter shopping, help carry a bag, 24 filial father, sweet sweet sweet is still very happy.