For the same amount of money, would you buy only commercial insurance?

2022-08-06 0 By

Hometown has a neighbor, on the elder brother is a few days ago to chat with him, I asked him to buy social security, he said no, the rural endowment insurance did not buy.When I asked him how he would support his retirement, he said he had bought a commercial insurance policy and had had it for seven years.Hand in more than ten thousand a year, also be to hand in 15 years, arrived later age gets more than one thousand every month, receive old age to die all the time, and still have serious illness medical treatment, outpatient service of a few diseases also can protect sell.I said to him, you this seems not cost-effective ah, not counting inflation after a month 1000 points seems to be not high quality of life.He said that this insurance also includes children’s education fund, children’s middle school, high school, college can withdraw some money, if not, this money can also participate in dividends, the rate of return is much higher than the bank interest.He said he gave up more than $20,000.Alas, insurance za also do not understand, he said that I am not good to say what.I hope it is not set by insurance companies. After all, it is not easy for rural people to make money, and pension is very important.