Entrepreneurship is difficult for thousands of days, fire and sunlight, fire safety of factory enterprises can not be ignored!

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As the saying goes, it is difficult to start a business in a thousand days. A solar factory enterprise must pay attention to safety production prevention in the future. Plant and warehouse fires occur from time to time. Fire safety responsibility is heavier than Taishan fire prevention.The fire broke out at a factory building of Taizhou Tianyu Oxygen-increasing Equipment Technology Co., LTD., in Wenqiao Town Industrial Zone, Wenling City, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province.Taizhou fire rescue detachment mobilized 7 fire rescue stations, 9 full-time teams of 33 fire trucks, 92 officers and fighters, after more than four hours of fighting, successfully put out the fire.The fire covered an area of more than 1,500 square meters and caused no casualties.Fire accident warning we ▼ “prevention” is far better than “save” then the factory enterprises should pay attention to what aspects of fire knowledge it is the following for you to sort out the factory enterprise fire safety related information ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆1.Factory strictly implement the fire safety responsibility to strictly implement the units on fire control safety responsibility, abide by the fire control laws and regulations, to carry out the responsibility, the organization carries out a large fire safety inspection and screening of various types of fire hazards in time, for a comprehensive overhaul of the fire control facilities and devices, to ensure that all kinds of fire fighting equipment complete works.Strengthen the key parts of the fire safety protection, special operation operators must hold a certificate.2. Pay attention to the safety of electricity use, do not arbitrarily connect wires, do not overload power consumption, do not change the gas pipeline without permission, timely replacement and maintenance of aging electrical equipment and lines.Turn off the power in time during off-duty shutdown.3. Implement the daily fire inspection system Factories and enterprises should implement the daily fire inspection system, clarify the inspectors, content, location and frequency, focus on the use of fire, electricity and gas, and make inspection records;It is necessary to maintain the normal operation of fire control facilities, arrange personnel on duty in the factory, strengthen fire inspection, and deal with fire in time once it is found.4. Keep safety exits and evacuation channels unblocked factories and enterprises shall keep safety exits and evacuation channels unblocked and shall not block, occupy or close safety exits and evacuation channels;Employees should be urged not to park electric bikes in stairwells, evacuation channels, not to pull “flying wire” or charge electric bikes indoors.5. Strengthen fire protection publicity and training Factories and enterprises should earnestly strengthen fire protection publicity and training, improve the ability of management personnel at all positions to check and eliminate fire hazards, fight the initial fire, organize evacuation and escape, and carry out a fire evacuation drill for all personnel.Unit staff should actively learn and master fire safety common sense, familiar with the unit and floor environment, keep in mind evacuation channels, safety exits and other escape routes, in case of a fire to evacuate quickly and orderly, do not lust for property.6. Strict control of inflammable and explosive goods Factories and enterprises should strengthen prevention and control of key locations, major hazardous sources and warehouses of dangerous chemicals, and centralized storage and strict control of inflammable and explosive goods on site.Only by preventing danger from “burning” can we realize the “win-win” of interests and safety.Fire safety is everyone’s responsibility!Original title: “entrepreneurship thousand days difficult, fire a daylight, factory enterprise fire safety can not be ignored!”