9th in the West!The lakers are no longer interested in playing, a trade is on the way, and It’s time for James to make his move

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NBA regular season continues, the Lakers back-to-back challenges the weak Portland Trail Blazers, the lakers before the game without Westbrook, by James and Davis two giants led the team to meet;And the Blazers have opened capricious trade mode, the team is already a disarray, starting five tigers total annual salary less than one westbrook.However, in a game that seemed to be on a different level, the Lakers forced a 50-50 split, with no offense and no defense in the eye, allowing opponents to go in and out.In the end, the lakers lost 105-107 to the Portland Trail Blazers, their second straight loss, and fell to 26-30, leaving them 19 games behind the first-place SUNS for the ninth seed.For the Blazers, Simmons had 29 points and five assists.Nurkic had 19 points, 12 rebounds and three assists;Winslow had 11 points, eight rebounds, three assists and four steals.Brown had 11 points and two rebounds.For lakers: Davis had 17 points, seven rebounds, six assists and five blocks;James had 30 points, seven rebounds, seven assists and three steals;Tucker had 14 points, three rebounds and seven assists;Johnson had 11 points, six rebounds and one assist.The lakers seemed to be waiting for a change at the trade deadline.At present, the Lakers are the most active team in the trade market. Westbrook, Tucker, Howard, Deandre Jordan and others are all likely to be traded, among which westbrook’s trade is the most concerned, after all, he is one of the Lakers’ big three and a big weapon to win the championship.There are signs that the lakers have lost faith in Westbrook, that he is not a champion, but a stumbling block, and that it is only a matter of time before westbrook leaves the lakers.Currently, the rockets are the most likely destination for Westbrook, but the relevant trade chips are still being discussed and the two sides are still in negotiations.According to reports, as of Wednesday night, the Rockets remained adamant that they would not accept wall’s trade for Westbrook unless the Lakers agreed to add their 2027 first-round pick to the deal.James also weighed in on the trade deadline after the loss to Portland: “Obviously, it was something that affected this team and we’re all working through it.It felt like a fog, a fog in the air, and we were all trying to see what was on the other side.Of course, I treat today and tomorrow the same as any other day, and if things change, then I will deal with it then.”Judging from James’ comments, the Lakers are considering the rationality of the trade.The lakers would need his approval to part with westbrook, a team built around him, after all.Let’s get the lakers and Lebron to move on and make a last-gasp effort that’s not going to work at the current pace.