The price is lower than the joint venture, the strength can play, changan UNI-K iDD is really good?

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As we all know, the trend of green travel with new energy has reached an irreversible stage of development. For various car companies, this market has also become a battle field.From its own brands tang DM-I, Shingyue L Raytheon Hi·X, to its joint venture brands Tiguan L PHEV, Honda CR-V plug-in version, it can be said that they are eyeing eyeing.So how do you stand out?Changan UNI-K iDD may give us a new way to solve the problem. It enters the local plug-in hybrid market with a lower price than the joint venture and a stronger ability to play than the independent one, focusing on the whole journey zero anxiety and completely solving the user travel problem.Buy pure electric vehicles, short range, long charging time, the stability and safety of the battery in the extremely cold and hot environment, and buy fuel cars, strong power driving experience of the car, often to discount the economy, especially the recent rise in oil prices, the wallet can not bear;For better economy, you usually have to compromise on power…Such “anxiety” is always accompanied by users to buy a car, car process.So, is there a good solution?Changan automobile gave a positive answer through a immersion camping press conference, so that the majority of consumers are full of expectations for the “full range of zero anxiety” car experience brought by UNI-K iDD.For the vast majority of Chinese users, anxious space and comfort are the demands that cannot be compromised at all. Leisurely urban commuting, comfortable long-distance travel, more freedom for children and better rest for the elderly cannot be compromised at all.All these are the strengths of Changan UNI-K iDD.Changan UNI-K iDD provides wide space in the car with a 2890mm ultra-long wheelbase and ergonomically designed “zero gravity” seats for excellent body support and comfort.The back seat also supports two shifts of 29 degrees and 34 degrees, so that users can choose a more relaxed sitting position, so as to effectively relieve the fatigue caused by long-distance driving.In addition, when the back seat is flat, it can become a warm and comfortable living room for the user in camping, so that the children have more space for activities and rest.It is worth mentioning that the seats of Changan Uni-K iDD are also made of NAPPA high-quality textured leather and high-grade suede, which not only brings more delicate and skin-friendly touch, but also greatly enhances the luxurious atmosphere of the car.Mobile power station energy 0 anxiety I believe that many people like to drive to travel, have had such experience:Originally can make people happy outdoor camping, but many people disappointed by rough, simple food, and changan UNI – K iDD standard 3.3 kW external discharge function, can well satisfy the user is in when camping drive demand for lighting, cooking, even for entertainment equipment power supply, to enjoy a “eating hot pot singing” camping experience.Mobile life first class 0 anxiety as on-site guests Wang Mengyun said, we are on the trip, hard to avoid encounter sudden job requirements, and changan UNI – K iDD good JingMiXing, can provide users with an uninterrupted work environment, at the same time, also can let the user get better rest, especially after a key open model, “” have a rest,The seat can be automatically adjusted to the semi-recline position, the brightness of the screen in the car can be dimmed automatically, and the soothing music can be played, so that the user can relax completely. The user can also control the passenger seat to move forward through the “Queen button”, providing large space for the rear passengers.The Uni-K iDD is also equipped with a variety of technological features, such as full-scene intelligent voice interaction system, active warning for tired driving, AR enhanced real instrument navigation, and IACC integrated adaptive cruise system, which are all reflected in the uni-K iDD to make driving safer.The UNI-K iDD is also equipped with AQS automatic internal and external air circulation system and 540° air circulation system.Undaunted by extreme challenges, iDD fully demonstrated its strength in all temperature fields at the launch conference. Changan UNI-K iDD successfully completed the challenges of extreme cold and extreme heat in the presence of users and media.Xiang Wei, project manager of CHANGan Uni-K iDD, said: “We were able to successfully complete the challenge because we have ‘double insurance’ on the temperature of the battery cell in both low and high temperature environments.”In extremely cold conditions, PTC electric heating and heat conduction of engine water temperature can be used to ensure that the battery temperature is always in the normal working range. When the power condition is satisfied, the “battery pre-heating function” can also be manually opened.In extremely hot conditions, the battery pack can be cooled by water circulation and fan acceleration, so that the battery pack is always in the operating range of high discharge power, so as to ensure that the vehicle can be in the temperature range of -35 ℃ to 55℃, always have stable performance.The reason why blue Whale iDD hybrid system can be called “all-area efficient electric platform” is because the system not only has “all-temperature domain”, but also has excellent performance of full-speed domain, full-field domain and all-time domain. Changan Uni-K iDD carries a large capacity PHEV battery of 30.74kWh. Therefore,Changan UNI-K iDD has a pure electric range of 130km under NEDC operating condition, which basically meets users’ daily commuting needs.The comprehensive driving range reaches 1100km, and the fuel consumption of 100km is 0.8L, which provides a guarantee for long-distance economic travel and realizes the “full-field” car experience without scene restriction.While achieving excellent economy, the Changan Uni-K iDD also provides excellent power performance, both in urban starting and high speed overtaking.The changan Uni-K iDD has almost no difference in power performance whether it is fully charged or fully charged, and the maximum speed can easily exceed 200km/h, fully interpreting the definition of “full speed range”.All-time-domain means that UN-K iDD can achieve 24-hour battery safety monitoring, and will also provide users with stability and durability throughout the life cycle, realizing intelligent, remote and fully powered OTA upgrades, and continuously improving user experience.The arrival of Changan UNI-K iDD not only improves the product matrix of Changan automobile in the field of new energy, but also injects fresh blood into the plug-in hybrid market. With all-round strength, changan Uni-K iDD may become a benchmark product in the market, and the future is promising!