Monopoly!Salary list: Exxon 86 million, Fernando 43.35 million

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Monopoly!National football team soldiers salary list: first: Exxon, 86 million yuan second: Fernando, 63 million yuan third: Luo Guofu, 43.35 million yuan fourth: AH, LAN, 25 million yuan fifth: Zhang Linpeng, 18.5 million yuan sixth: Li Ke, 16 million yuan seventh: Wei Shihao, 12 million yuan eighth:Yu Dabao, 12 million yuan 9th: Zhang Xizhe, 12 million yuan 10th: Yang Fan, 12 million yuan 11th: Jiang Zhipeng, 12 million yuan 12th: Chi Zhongguo, 12 million yuan 13th: Yan Junling, 10 million yuan 14th: Hao Junmin, 8 million yuan 15th:Wu Lei, 7.7 million yuan to tell the truth, in this list, Zheng Yang only think more reasonable is Wu Lei 7.7 million yuan, although the team’s record is in a complete state, but wu Lei is still the world preliminary 12 strong match in the number of goals in the player, his personal ability is more outstanding.But obviously, although he has great individual ability, he still can’t lead the team to victory, so strictly speaking, Wu Lei is still not a world-class star.But the 7.7 million yuan salary, Zhengyang thinks is not too outrageous, and Wu lei’s salary is not domestic.As for the fans before the fierce kua 4 foreign aid, Zheng Yang thinks, they take so much money to play so hard, and there is nothing wrong.The only mystery is why Li Tie limited their playing time.However, Zheng Yang thinks that now, whether it is to spend a lot of money to invite foreign teachers, or to spend a lot of money to invite foreign aid, have been unable to save Chinese football, so it is better to give up these super salary foreign aid.You lose anyway, so why not save it?In the end, Zhengyang thinks Chinese footballers are still paid too much and should really be capped.Keep in mind that these are just the salaries athletes receive at their clubs, and that doesn’t include the bonuses they receive as members of the National team and other extras they earn off the field.What do you think?