Yang Mi Snow walks her dog, wearing a coat of ten thousand yuan, with her legs tied by a dog leash

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Yang Mi has been busy recently, sharing her interesting life with others by Posting a series of photos of her walking her dog.In the photo, Yang Mi, dressed in a black coat, walks around in the snow with a cute Shiba inu.Perhaps because the shiba inu is too active, Yang mi was supposed to run around with it, but ended up getting tangled up in a dog leash, which is hilarious.Yang also posted a funny post: “The rope is getting out of my control.”Although Yang Mi is outside walking the dog, but dress is not sloppy.First of all, let’s take a look at this black coat. It is a loose and casual style. Its cut is very popular, which can modify the body and increase the line of the body.The coat is of great origin and costs close to 20,000.Wearing a pair of black and white sneakers, Yang Mi looks chic and is the favorite brand of many celebrities, worth nearly 10,000 yuan.Yang Mi’s dress is very temperament, holding a dog leash, is also famous brand, at least 300 yuan.He seems to love his dog very much!However, some fans said that the cute Shiba inu is not Yang mi’s pet, but her good friend Zhang Big.Yang Mi was able to hold a dog for Zhang Dada in such a cold weather, which shows how close they were.When The Spring Festival, Yang Mi went to Zhang Da’s home to celebrate with him, and posted a photo of her with Zhang Da and Song Zuer’s friends, both wearing red plaid shirts, a pair of good sisters.Soon, the plaid shirt became a big hit. It was a European fashion brand and cost more than 300 yuan.Not only did they spend the holidays together, but they often traveled together.Yang Mi and Zhang Dada have been to universal Studios together, and generous to take a few photos.Yang Mi looked vintage in a gorgeous suit and black fur coat.This coat is a famous brand abroad. It will cost at least ten thousand yuan.Zhang is also a luxury goods collector, wearing a beige coat worth nearly 20,000 yuan.Looks like they both have good taste when it comes to dressing.Although Yang mi and Zhang Dada often pose together online, some people still suspect that they are fake friends.Above all, the interests in this world are so complex that it’s anyone’s guess.But if the other person wants to be with him or her, and is not acting, then the friendship can be precious.