These areas of Hangzhou Qiantang District will be lifted from the control of the “three districts”

2022-08-04 0 By

In accordance with relevant provincial and municipal regulations on epidemic prevention and control and after the analysis and judgment of relevant experts, the following adjustments are made to the closed control area, control area and prevention area of Qiantang District: 1.No. 34, Group 11, Jinquan Village, Yipeng Street, Qiantang District, SF Express yipeng branch sorting point has been lifted from lockdown control;2. No. 02, 29 and 30, Group 11, Jinquan Village, Yipeng Street, Qiantang District, the building where THE sorting point of SF Express Yipeng branch is located in Yipeng Street has been removed from control;3. After the sealing control area and control area are unsealed, the prevention area (west of Straight Road of Group 11, south of east extension line of Genshan Road, north of Jinchang Road, east branch Road of Group 11, No. 7, Jinquan Village, Yipeng Street, Qiantang District;The park where SF Express yipong branch is located in Yipong Street) is simultaneously lifted.Normal epidemic prevention and control measures were resumed in the above regions after the lockdown was lifted.March 25, 2022