“Post-80s” high-speed train conductor: Stick to the post during Spring Festival, only three times in 16 years at home

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During the Spring Festival, Tang Yan sticks to her job.”In order to meet the passenger flow of the Spring Festival, every year at this time of the year, our roads are very close, not just me, so the crew members are all the same, my family understands me very well.”During the Spring Festival, talking about the regret of not being able to go home for the Spring Festival, Said Tang Yan, a train conductor at the Chengdu passenger transport section of China Railway Chengdu Bureau Group Co., LTD.Tang Yan rides on a high-speed train.Tang Yan, a native of Nanchong, Sichuan province, entered the railway as an intern during the Spring Festival Travel rush in 2006. She officially became a member of the railway in March 2007. This year is the 16th Spring Festival travel rush for her, and the 13th New Year’s Eve for which she cannot go home.During the Spring Festival, she takes nine trains a day on the line from Chongqing north to Fengdu.According to this year’s work schedule, Tang Yan will leave the train on New Year’s Eve, so she can go home at the last minute.But by the time she had finished, there was no train home.So in the day of family reunion, Tang Yan can only live in a worker’s apartment, eating simple meals in the canteen, and family video group year.Tang Yan decorates a high-speed train carriage.Like Tang Yan, the workers in her shift can only stay at home for one day, so Tang Yan brought some New Year’s goods as well as New Year decorations.Colorful balloons, sprinkling gold couplets, lovely tiger stickers, red fu…Stuck in the carriage, full of flavor of the New Year, so that the train to work can also feel the festive atmosphere of the New Year.This year’s Spring Festival travel, the threat of the epidemic is still there. As inter-city bullet trains with large passenger flows, even during the Spring Festival, the train epidemic prevention work still cannot be relaxed.Before departure, the team and staff gathered in the waiting area. Tang Yan checked the health code one by one, inquired about their health condition, and measured their temperature to ensure that they were healthy.”Cabin number one, what is the concentration of disinfectant for daily disinfection?”After boarding the train, Tang checked the concentration of disinfectant solution and the knowledge of epidemic prevention on the train, and urged them to disinfect all parts of the train.After the passengers get on the bus, the passengers’ temperature shall be spot-checked, and the passengers shall be reminded of their own protection through broadcasting and oral publicity.A few days after the Spring Festival holiday, the inter-city train tang Yan was on duty was crowded with passengers. Due to its convenience and speed, many passengers chose bullet trains to travel, with many children and elderly passengers on board.For these key passengers, Tang Yan, together with the train safety officer, specially came to the carriage, explained the safety precautions for them and asked their needs.”Conductor comrade, we arrive fengdu, but my father is old, leg is inconvenient, you can tell the station once, give open a green passage.”On the D6107 train from Chongqing north to Fengdu, a man asked Tang Yan for help, tang Yan learned of the situation, immediately contacted the destination station of passengers, sent a wheelchair for it, and sent the elderly passengers out of the station smoothly.Tang Yan sticks to her job.”The pace of intercity bullet trains is fast. Both the number of trains and our commuting time pass quickly.But because of that, I can see the joy on more people’s faces, and it’s more meaningful than spending time with my family.”Tang Yan said.(Wang Yiqing, Su Zhigang) “post-80s” high-speed train conductor: Stick to the post during the Spring Festival, only three times in 16 years at home — Chinane.com