Great Wall broadcast through the Winter Olympics | Hebei: Innovation of ice and snow industry to create a strong province of ice and snow industry

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Science and technology Winter Olympics related special press conference site.The Great Wall net, reporter JiYun client Yuan Lipeng perturbation, the Great Wall net JiYun client, February 16 (reporter Xiao-mei hu Yuan Lipeng). “we will be ‘support ice industry development as an important task for the games of science and technology, adhere to the integration to promote project, platform, talent, actively building a supporting system for the ice industry chain all innovation and development,Accelerate ice and snow equipment industry from scratch, bigger and stronger.”On February 16, long Fenjie, director of hebei Provincial Science and Technology Department, answered reporters’ questions at a special press conference about the 2022 Winter Olympics held in Beijing press Center.Long Fenjie, director of Science and Technology Department of Hebei Province, answered reporters’ questions.Great Wall · Jiyun client reporter Yuan Lipeng support ice and snow equipment research and development.Fully mobilize resources, increase new technology of snow and ice equipment, new material technology, carry out research and development of snow machine, snow machine, skis, skates, skates;Strengthen the research on public testing technology and standard of ice and snow sports equipment, improve product performance and reduce product cost;Research and development of the production of snow press, is China’s first high-end high-horsepower snow press;Short track speed skating protective pads, recognized by the International Skating Union, won the bid to become the only domestic supplier of short track speed skating protective pads for the Winter Olympic Games.Support the cultivation of snow and ice enterprises.We have supported the establishment of a national science and technology business incubator and a national crowd-making space in Zero and Valley of Snow, and fostered a number of high-tech enterprises and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises related to the ice and snow industry.We supported Zhangjiakou High-tech Zone in building a demonstration base for “entrepreneurship and innovation” for the Winter Olympics, and signed nearly 50 contracts for the ice and snow sports equipment Industrial Park.Support more than 30 enterprises to accelerate the research and development of high-performance skis, skates, ski wear and other products, and continuously improve the core competitiveness.Support the popularization of ice and snow sports.Support the research and development of key technologies for the construction of simulated skiing and skating equipment and ice and snow smart venues, enrich the forms of mass participation in ice and snow sports, and promote mass ice and snow sports to become a characteristic life of hebei people.The research and development of immersive intelligent skiing training fitness equipment can be installed in communities, parks and other venues, to achieve the simulation effect of outdoor skiing, breaking the limitations of snow and ice sports, fill the gap in China.Support the training of snow and ice talents.We should give full play to the advantages of snow and ice specialty in colleges and middle schools and train athletes and teaching talents of snow and ice specialty scientifically.Support the research and development of high-precision real-time snow and ice sports and intelligent integration system for physical fitness monitoring, as well as wearable cardiopulmonary function monitoring equipment for group use, which has greatly improved the scientific level of snow and ice sports training.Support the development of snow and ice tourism.Around the games preparations and ski resort management requirements, promote the building of wisdom worship ceremony, the integration of modern information technology, the fusion area traffic, tourism, government affairs, fire department data, promote resource sharing, make government management efficiency, residents, tourists convenient service in place of the green town in wisdom.