We will not stop fighting until we win the battle

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March 22nd was the third day that WANning brother and I came to Huaihua. At 8:00 in the evening, we returned to our residence and took off the protective clothing. The busy and full day was about to pass, and I, who had always been healthy, felt a bit tired now.After a simple wash, the routine to the family and unit reported safe, lying on the bed to turn over the news, myriad thoughts welled up in my heart.As a cold chain car driver to help Huaihua fight the epidemic, our work is not complicated, but very challenging.According to the work arrangement, our basic task is to transport nucleic acid samples between sampling sites (hospitals) and testing institutions by driving cold chain vehicles like little bees around the clock.It seems to be simple to send the sample box to each sampling point, send the collected samples to each testing institution, or even transfer them across regions. However, in order to achieve safety and accuracy, I must do enough homework. Years of disease control work experience, which is quite handy for me.Before coming to Huaihua, we have prepared for hardships and hardships, especially when people who have been soldiers have a strong ability to resist pressure. When they feel that they can not carry their weight, think about the training ground that they lost their skin when they were soldiers, and think about the “no fading after retirement” that the company commander asked when they were discharged, and immediately become energetic.Before setting out from Jishou, I did not bring an extra daily necessities, checked the cold chain car and the necessary medical supplies three times, and prepared a box of the additive “urea” of the cold chain car.The number of cases in Huaihua continues to increase, and there is still no new progress in tracing the cause of the disease. Wanning brother and I are ready to fight in Huaihua for a long time, and we are determined to fight the epidemic together with the people of Huaihua.I retired this year came to CDC work 13 years, although I have been in the cold chain transportation driver post, but I experienced with my comrades for disease control and disposal of bird flu, flu school, tuberculosis epidemic, after the flood epidemic prevention and control, flower wade mine slope county township children’s blood lead event, I not only keep the instinctive quality of our army, bears hardships and stands hard work, life and death,The spirit of disease control people who are fearless and brave to take responsibility has long been rooted in my heart.I am very honored that I am the disease control people in The west of Hunan, I am very grateful to brother cities when there is an epidemic, the leadership can send me and Anhui ning ge to help Huaihua.We must live up to the trust of the leadership, not to discredit the unit, not to lose face to the unit, continue to play the west Hunan disease control people take the bull by the horns, the courage to bear the spirit, huaihua epidemic does not win, never quit.Finally, I hope my family is well, do not miss!Fu Zhengheng, Xiangxi CDC March 22, 2022