South Korea’s most handsome Actor for 2022Male gods Kong Liu and Song Jiang unexpectedly dropped from the list?

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South Korean entertainment all are handsome men and women beauty, also have their own supporters and supporters, the United States well-known public opinion survey website “KingChoice” recently held the 2022 most handsome actor and most beautiful actor vote, more than one million netizens to participate in the vote, in this appearance level can be called the ceiling of South Korean entertainment,Here are the top 10 most handsome male actors: Kong Liu, Song Jiang, and others who have always been winners in the polls, didn’t even make the list.A member of the boy idol group ZE:A, Park Hyung-sik is one of the successful cases of transforming from idol singer to actor. He can be seen in hit TV shows such as The Inheritors and High Society, and has gradually moved from supporting role to leading role.In 2017, he became famous for his starring role in “Daejeondo Bongsoon.” In last year’s “Happniess,” he played a major crime detective.Top9 hyun bin was red all the way from “my name is jin sanshun” start to the current hyun bin online regardless of appearance, stature, acting, and so ji sub, gong yoo, Jiang Dong yuan in “South Korea 4 big consortium”, 2019, and starring sohn ye jin “landing of love” in addition to the very popular all over Asia half of drama broadcast is finished two more into South Korea’s most flash in relationship.Top8 li dongxu high cold cooked male representative li dongxu also listed!No matter in “ghosts”, “Touch the truth”, “The Nine-tailed Fox”, rely on his melancholy temperament and contrast adorable personality circle fans, and recently it is said that the “Penthouse Penthouse war” Kim So-yeon will perform the Nine-tailed Fox 2, is expected to be broadcast in the first half of 2023, also caused a hot discussion online.Lee Min-ho, who never fails to mention Asian male gods, certainly makes the list this time!”Pachinko,” starring Yoon Yeo-jung and Kim Min-ha, will air at the end of this month.Can continue to consolidate his status let us read a line of men’s god ~ Top6 junho 2 PM member of junho is successful crossover idol actor classic representative, from the film starring debut the 20th line not line up to now, can say acting always in progress, in the entertainment industry is well-known “actor” hard,The recent starring “sleeve red edge” more rely on superb acting to cry countless audience ah!Top5 Lee Joon-ki is not sure if he is taking preservatives regularly, lee Joon-ki can say that his appearance has hardly changed since his debut!He has attracted fans of all ages, from The King and the Man, Moon Lovers – Step By Step: Beautiful to The Flower of Evil. It can be said that not only men, women and children can kill, no matter what era they were born in, they can be handsome and charming!”Again My Life,” which she starred in for two years, will premiere next month.Top4 Kim soo-hyun this year is only 34 years old Kim soo-hyun but because “embrace the sun the moon”, “are you from the stars”, “although is a mental illness but it doesn’t matter” and so on South Korea’s top flow channel TV leap in actor, price is comparable to the Hollywood star, a “one day” to hit although story too dark to discuss degree not high,But as long as the net friend that has seen almost is one side pour to give exceed positive evaluation ~ T0p3 Chi Changxu Chi Changxu handsome should not need nong to make up more narration again!In “Healer”, “THE K2” and other drama tough guy image also captured THE hearts of countless girls, especially that ice box abdominal non really every time I see THE heart deer will hit a concussion!He has been nearly two years without new works this year will also bring a “Anna La Sumanara” and “say your wish” two new plays, is bound to conquer thousands of girls!Ding Haiyin can be said to be in recent years the rapid rise of the male actor representative, young handsome face with strong facial features ~ 2018 and Sohn Ye-jin starring “Beautiful sister who often invite dinner” more let him receive the drama received soft, and last year’s hit “DP:Deserter chase and snow fall flower have also become the most discussed films on the Internet. Top1 golden sun tiger is wu li sun tiger.Born in stage plays, he has accumulated a solid foundation of drama, and finally in “Start-Up” as Han Zhiping let him taste the taste of popularity, the role of the leading role halo even completely beat Nam Ju-hyuk and was dubbed by netizens as “get a male drama male two”, last year through the healing love drama “Coastal village Cha-cha cha” reached a new height,This time, more than 13 million votes were cast against other actors. Although his acting career has been completely suspended due to the negative rumors about abortion, I hope he can come out of the shadow as soon as possible and come back to shoot new works with the support of netizens.