Shanghai has released 21 measures to help businesses with 4,000 new cases.On the second day of lockdown in Pudong, the financial market operated smoothly and orderly

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On March 28, Shanghai reported 96 new COVID-19 cases and 4,381 asymptomatic cases.As of March 28, Shanghai had 363 confirmed COVID-19 cases in hospitals and 18,531 asymptomatic COVID-19 cases under medical observation.Earlier, Shanghai has decided to carry out a new round of segmented, gridded nucleic acid screening throughout the city.Starting at 5 o ‘clock on March 28, Shanghai began nucleic acid screening in batches along the Huangpu River.Facing the most critical stage of epidemic prevention and control, Shanghai officially issued the Policies and Measures of Shanghai To Fight the epidemic and Promote The Development of Enterprises (hereinafter referred to as the Policies and Measures) on March 29, insisting on coordinating epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development, adjusting and optimizing prevention and control strategies according to the situation.Comprehensive implementation of the tax refund tax cuts, JiangFei benefit, rent reduction, financial subsidies, financial support and assistance to help companies such as stabilizing hillock bailout policies, to support the development of relevant industries and enterprises overcome the difficulties, restore, continuous optimization of business environment, efforts to use minimum cost to achieve the biggest control effect, efforts to reduce the outbreak of the influence of the economic and social development.It is the latest in a series of bail-outs in shenzhen, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Wuxi.Ruan Qing, deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission, said in the 137th COVID-19 prevention and control press conference held in Shanghai on March 29 that while fully implementing the national enterprise assistance and rescue policy, more vigorous support policies should be formulated for the impact of this round of epidemic on enterprises. For example,Shanghai’s housing rent exemption has been extended from state-mandated services to all industries.In addition to the five key industries stipulated by the state, Shanghai also gave bailout support to the exhibition industry, while granting discount interest to enterprises in retail, catering and other industries of new loans.The policy measures will take effect on March 28, 2022, and remain valid until the end of 2022.At present, the detailed rules of each policy are in the process of preparation.Among them, Shanghai has completed the Compilation and Application Guide of Shanghai Service Industry Bailout Policies, which will be released soon. For each relevant policy, it has clarified the application methods, consulting units and other operating rules, so as to facilitate the service industry market players to know, understand and apply for policies.Local governments subsidize enterprises’ spending on epidemic prevention and elimination in some industries. According to the Policy measures, people and enterprises directly involved in the frontline of epidemic prevention and control will be supported in terms of spending on epidemic prevention and elimination, temporary subsidies and subsidies, and support for innovative products.First, local governments will provide subsidies to eligible enterprises for epidemic prevention and elimination expenditures.Full subsidies were provided to key retail and catering workers for the cost of regular nucleic acid testing in accordance with epidemic prevention requirements;Retail and catering enterprises shall be given subsidies to support their expenditure on epidemic prevention and elimination.Full subsidies will be given to the cost of nucleic acid testing for personnel from airports, ports and cold-chain related enterprises.Zhang Guohua, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, said at the press conference that regular nucleic acid tests will be subsidized for key employees of retail, catering and other enterprises registered, operated and included in Shanghai’s cold chain enterprises.Support direction includes shopping malls, supermarkets, farmers’ markets, catering enterprises directly engaged in sales, processing imported cold chain food practitioners;Fixed stalls and main warehousing employees in major wholesale markets that directly contact with imported frozen food;Frontline logistics and distribution staff of e-commerce platforms;Employees in other industries who meet the above conditions.”As for the standards of nucleic acid testing subsidies and the operating procedures for applying for subsidies, we will consult with the financial department to issue relevant detailed rules for explanation.”Zhang Guohua said.2 it is in the fight against disease temporary subsidies subsidies for frontline staff, to the epidemic prevention and control line medical personnel to grant temporary job subsidies, to participate in the community of epidemic prevention and control work community workers, community volunteers to grant temporary job subsidies or subsidies, appropriate to the medical staff, community workers, policemen, supplies and production line worker in sympathy.Third, support the r&d and industrialization of novel Coronavirus prevention and control innovative products, and facilitate the rapid formation of effective production capacity, registration, marketing and application of novel Coronavirus vaccine, rapid test reagent and special effect drug.The several policy measures also requires to keep stable production and living in the city of Shanghai and orderly, support the production and operation of an enterprise, according to the epidemic change adjustment and optimization of the prevention and control measures, effectively restore and maintain the normal order of enterprise development, support key enterprises to resume production and supporting enterprises, implementation of “one enterprise with one policy” “a factory case classification differentiation and epidemic prevention measures, intensify accurate service enterprise,Respond quickly to the demands of enterprises and effectively solve the difficulties encountered in the production and operation of enterprises.At the same time, Shanghai will strengthen its stockpile and supply of anti-epidemic materials, continuously improve its capacity for rapid nucleic acid testing, strengthen the construction and financing of centralized isolation rooms, support the import of Novel Coronavirus vaccines and therapeutic drugs, guide supporting enterprises to participate in the building of anti-epidemic emergency response capacity, and make a reserve of medical resources.We will ensure the supply and price of daily necessities, support the operations of enterprises that produce and distribute daily necessities, strengthen supply of goods, logistics and market oversight, and ensure adequate supply and stable prices of staple and non-staple foods.Intensify tax cuts JiangFei Rent reduction to bailout policies across all industry tax cuts JiangFei as standard, Shanghai also be included in the among them, including the implementation of large-scale tax left for rebates, geared to the needs of micro, small and medium enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, intensify efforts to implement a number of preferential tax policies, and pay tax to the extended time limit, etc.Shanghai tax authority deputy director pang said at a news conference, the reflect targeted tax support policy, in view of the enterprise operating funds shortage, this year the drawback in front, for eligible enterprises implement stock tax credits one-time return, incremental measures to leave on a monthly basis for tax refund, to the enterprise with the help of the most direct,Last year, more than 3,000 enterprises in Shanghai were eligible for tax rebates. This year, the number of enterprises eligible for tax rebates is expected to increase to 250,000.At the same time, tax support policies also reflect guidance.Pang wei said that small and micro businesses are facing great difficulties, and they are the main force in ensuring people’s livelihood and employment. This year, many policies are aimed at small and micro businesses. For example, small-scale taxpayers will be exempted from VAT for a period of time, which is expected to benefit more than 300,000 enterprises.Corporate income tax will be halved for the portion of small and micro enterprises with annual taxable income of 1 million to 3 million yuan, and 35,000 additional enterprises will enjoy preferential treatment.”According to our preliminary analysis and statistics, it is estimated that more than one million enterprises in Shanghai will be able to enjoy the tax support policies in the document of several Policies and Measures.”Pang said.On the basis of implementing national policies, Shanghai has expanded the scope of rent-free to cover small and micro businesses and individual businesses in all industries.”A number of policies and measures” regulation, tenant state-owned house is engaged in the production and business operation activities of small enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, exempt from 3 months in 2022, in 2022 is listed as the outbreak in high-risk areas in the town of administrative regions or seriously affect the business activities for the implementation of the epidemic prevention requirements, again from 3 months rent, a whole exempted from 6 months rent.In the case of indirect leasing, the sublessee will not enjoy this reduction policy, and the relevant STATE-OWNED enterprises and institutions should ensure that the rent-free measures benefit the ultimate lessee.Large-scale commercial buildings, shopping malls, parks and other market operators are encouraged to provide appropriate rent reduction and exemption for entity tenants on the basis of consultation. Various government support policies give priority to market players who take the initiative to provide rent reduction and exemption.Chen Dong, chief economist of Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, said that all state-owned enterprises in Shanghai and district level are included in the scope of the rent-free policy.At present, The Shanghai SasAC has jointly formulated the Implementation Rules of The Rent Reduction and Exemption for Small and Micro Enterprises and Individual Industrial and commercial Households by State-owned Enterprises in Shanghai, policy interpretation, work guide and other supporting documents, which will be released in the near future.Similar to previous rescue policies issued by many cities, Shanghai will also focus on supporting the recovery of difficult industries and implement rescue support policies for the five major industries, including the catering industry, the life service industry, retail industry, tourism, communications and exhibition industry.Among them, the catering services, such as life in Shanghai will guide Internet platforms such as e-commerce, take-away to further cut the dining, the lodgings, the housekeeping service companies affected by the outbreak of life such as service charge standard, reduce the small micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households services commission, shop online business such as deposit, publicity and promotion costs.Encourage telecom operators to design and promote products and applications suitable for the operation and development of small and micro enterprises and reduce the rates, and provide free cloud services and mobile office services for small and micro enterprises in catering, accommodation, housekeeping and other life services for three months.We will innovate financing methods and encourage financial institutions to use receivables, orders and other information to issue credit loans to catering enterprises.In the retail industry, Shanghai encouraged financial institutions to increase credit support and lower loan interest rates for enterprises listed in the support list, such as emergency supply guarantee, key cultivation and construction of convenient living circle, with appropriate loan discount.We will support the normal operation of wholesale markets, supermarkets, e-commerce platforms, and urban goods delivery enterprises, strive to open inter-provincial and intra-city green channels for logistics and transportation, and increase the organization of sources of main and non-staple food.In the tourism industry, Shanghai has raised the proportion of deposit refund for tourism service quality from 80% to 90% for qualified travel agencies, and launched a city-wide pilot program to replace deposit by insurance.We will increase special funding for tourism, and provide subsidized loans and interest support to qualified travel agencies, A-level scenic spots and other tourism enterprises.The smooth and orderly running all kinds of financial markets in Shanghai the several policy measures also increase financial support, and using the existing special support fund, to retail, transportation and other industries are greatly influenced by the outbreak of difficult enterprise, be determined by the relevant department in charge of the enterprise list and after review, 2022 in new loans to give discount to its,It is supported by financial funds from Shanghai municipal and district levels.At the same time, we will increase support for inclusive finance, guide financial institutions to increase the provision of inclusive small and micro loans, and give priority to supporting industries in difficulty, especially small and micro businesses and private enterprises.In accordance with the Policy measures, financial institutions will be encouraged to relax their tolerance for inclusive small and micro enterprises’ non-performing loans, and further increase the number of small and micro enterprises’ first loans, credit loans, and loans without repayment. Enterprises in difficulties affected by the epidemic will not blindly withhold loans, withdraw loans, cut off loans, or restrict loans.We will further improve credit incentive and subsidy policies for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, include industries affected by COVID-19 in the list of key industries, and reward inclusive loans to small and micro enterprises issued by Shanghai banks.Ruan qing said at the press conference that since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Shanghai Local Financial Regulatory Authority, together with the Shanghai Headquarters of the People’s Bank of China, the Shanghai Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, the Shanghai Securities Regulatory Bureau and other departments, has taken multiple measures to increase financial support to areas heavily affected by the epidemic and to invest financial resources in key areas to fight the epidemic and areas related to people’s livelihood.In Shanghai, for example, retail, catering, travel, transportation and other industries affected by the outbreak, the production and business operation difficult situation, financial management department in Shanghai to promote financial institutions and industry department in charge of information sharing, and encourage financial institutions to improve the first credit, credit scale, using the information such as accounts receivable, order to issue credit loans to catering and retail enterprises,Eligible enterprises will be granted non-repayment loans.A number of banks in Shanghai have adjusted the loan term, changed the repayment method, adjusted the frequency of interest settlement, reduced interest, refinancing, extension and other ways to ensure that they do not blindly withdraw loans, cut off loans, or pressure loans;A number of insurance institutions in Shanghai have actively leveraged their insurance expertise to expand COVID-19 insurance protection responsibilities, establish a green channel for insurance claims settlement, and carry out insurance donation business.”To maintain the stability of the financial market and ensure that financial services remain open and closed, Shanghai has established a special coordination mechanism at the urban level, provided guidance on epidemic prevention and control, and spared no effort to maintain the safe operation of the financial market and financial infrastructure in Shanghai.””Financial institutions in Shanghai, including financial markets, securities, funds, banks and insurance, have launched emergency management mechanisms to ensure the normal operation of financial infrastructure services.So far, all financial markets in Shanghai operate smoothly and orderly.”Copyright Notice All the original content of securities Times platform, without written authorization, any units and individuals shall not be reproduced.We reserve the right to investigate the relevant subject of legal responsibility.For reprinting and cooperation, please contact SecuritiesTimes assistant, wechat ID: SecuritiesTimes illegal and bad information report telephone: 0755-83514034 email: bwb@stcn.comEND