Malatang to market?”Street overlord” Yang Guofu sprint IPO?

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From a few cents a string, a few dollars a bowl to achieve annual revenue of billions of business;From the northeast to the whole country to the world…Now, the “king of national snacks” Yang Guofu malatang and heavy news!According to the disclosure of China Securities Regulatory Commission International Department — Shanghai Yang Guofu Enterprise Management (Group) Co., LTD. (Yang Guofu Malatang) submitted the “Overseas IPO Approval” materials.According to the news, Yang Guofu Malatang in February officially submitted to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange prospectus, intended to be listed on the main board.This means that sweeping malatang river’s lake Yang Guofu formally toward the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, impact “Malatang first unit”.In 2003, Yang Guofu malatang predecessor Yang Ji malatang first direct store was established in Harbin Yonghe Street, now, more than 20 years old Yang Guofu Malatang opened all over the north and south.Behind the company stands a couple from northeast China who once made a living by selling stalls. They have opened 6,000 stores across the country, and have even gone abroad from Harbin to the whole country.It is understood that Yang Guofu also brought out a malatang northeast army, he is zhang Liang Malatang founder’s cousin brother-in-law, brother entrepreneurship do cuan Yue Malatang.Unexpectedly, Malatang can also run out of an IPO, listing news, in the industry set off a wave of storm!Enterprise check data show that at present, malatang related enterprises have 325,000, competitive red Sea, Yang Guofu why can take the lead in the layout of the IPO?In the past in everyone’s eyes, Malatang is the humble street food business, did not expect this humble small food category is now bred out of the snack chain restaurant leader.The clock goes back to 2000, Yang Guofu in his thirties tried farming, herding sheep, raising pigs, opening a small shop…One day, he found a restaurant selling malatang and scones on the same street was doing well and there were queues every day.Income levels were low, and malatang, a variety of cheap, meaty snacks with vegetables, was popular.Envy, but also moved to do malatang mind.There was no teacher to teach him, so he decided to rent a small basement and did his own work. He put in bean paste and stir-fried spices. Yang spent all day studying how to make malatang.Repeated trial and error he finally developed a unique base material formula in groping, taste right business also rose.In 2003, Yang Guofu malatang first direct store – Yang Ji Malatang in Harbin Yonghe Street was established.As a result of full preparation, coupled with business honest, malatang business is very hot.By 2005, relatives and friends had followed Mr. Yang to open dozens of malatang restaurants around Harbin.Development is more and more big, competition is more and more fierce, brand and corporate road strategy is more and more clear!In 2005, Mr Yang registered his name as a trademark.In 2006, Yang Guofu officially opened its franchise to the outside world. In 2010, the total number of Yang Guofu franchise stores broke through 1000, covering the three northeastern provinces.However, after the expansion of franchise scale, franchise management problems frequently exposed, on the one hand is extremely fast expansion speed, on the other hand is uneven franchisee quality, in the long run, it is very detrimental to the development of the brand.So, Yang Guofu ruthlessly cut off the franchise income, regardless of the opposition of the people around, began to carry out internal rectification, to sort out the problem.Through rectification, Yang Guofu malatang redesigned the visual image, put forward the concept of fast food malatang, normalized the joining process, the establishment of standardized food processing plants, and all kinds of domestic and foreign suppliers signed strategic cooperation agreement……Keep reinventing yourself.After finishing the bottom system, Yang Guofu Malatang ushered in a high-speed expansion.In 2020, 17 years after its establishment, The number of Yang Guofu Malatang stores has reached 5900+, covering 31 provinces/municipalities/autonomous regions, 400 cities, with 18 national regional agents, 10 overseas stores radiation 4 overseas countries.The development of a brand is inseparable from the long-term accumulation of the brand, the reason why the brand has the present status, but also inseparable from the brand operation strength and expansion strategy behind, Yang Guofu Malatang is how to do it?What can restaurant brands learn from this?Malatang originated in Bashu area, and did not come to the north as now let heavy taste of northern people like it.Therefore, in order to make malatang taste more universal, Yang Guofu Malatang focus on improving the soup bottom.The northeast beef bone soup is blended into Sichuan malatang to artificially reduce the numbing sensation.And in the base material added rock sugar and whole milk powder, the final concocting soup was milky white, and all of a sudden other malatang products on the street formed a division.With “can drink soup mala hot” this feature, Yang Guofu mala hot brand, firmly occupy the customer mind.”Taste is the soul of the restaurant business, and we must keep it firmly in our hands.”If “innovation” is the key to Yang Guofu’s separation from rivals, then “inheritance” is also the secret recipe for Yang Guofu’s development.Yang Guofu knows that there is no spicy gene in northeast China, and it can even be said to be “imported”, and Sichuan is the birthplace of Malatang, only let the brand have the cultural gene of Bashu food, in order to make the brand development more stable and lasting.In order to make malatang “pure”, the brand moved the production line into the raw material production base: Sichuan, In 2018 Yang Guofu Group at 400 million, built a production and development base in Sichuan.The base covers an area of 48 mu, integrating procurement, research and development, production, packaging, transportation, logistics in one, equipped with seasoning RESEARCH and development center, intelligent kitchen experiment center.With the help of the raw material advantages of Sichuan condiments, the brand realizes the mutual integration of food materials and seasonings, creates a high standard of Sichuan flavor base materials, and improves the product quality.To build their own supply chain system is also the key to the core competitiveness of the brand.In addition, Yang Guofu saw when people eat hot pot in the north like to use sesame sauce to enhance the flavor, so he chose to cooperate with enterprises specializing in the production of sesame sauce, and it is this small measure that allows malatang to develop in the northern market.In addition, in order to ensure the quality and quality of food ingredients, as early as 2010, Yang Guofu Group has started the layout of logistics distribution base, and now has established logistics distribution bases in northeast, North, East, central, south China and other regions, radiation to the whole country.The perfection of logistics base ensures the quality, appearance and taste of products as well as the health of consumers, which has become an important bargaining chip for the brand to win the market.2, enhance talent competitiveness, consolidate the foundation of a popular word in the management circle, “all competition is the competition of the enterprise”, catering enterprises are no exception, all problems, in the final analysis is the problem of people!The brand puts a lot of effort into nurturing people.The media has disclosed the establishment of Yang Guofu Business School, which is indeed a first in the malatang field.But what this reflects behind is that the brand attaches importance to talent cultivation.It is understood that the newly established business School is mainly committed to training the company’s internal staff and franchisees to improve the professionalism of the team from the inside, so as to make the brand stronger, bigger and more specialized.From the perspective of internal training of business school, legal affairs are restrained from the perspective of law, and the group is controlled from the perspective of supervision, so as to comprehensively improve the standards of all parties in training.”Employees are the wealth of the group, the foundation of the group, and the essence and epitome of the group for 17 years.”This is how brands value talent.In general, a food and beverage brand bigger and stronger without scale copy, in the process, brand building, product forging force, the development of the ability of organization and the back-end supply chain will be the top priority, Yang Guofu malatang future, remains to be seen, and the malatang to break in a piece of the red sea market story also give brand catering a revelation:The possibilities are endless in any field.