Major courses in accounting

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Accounting major courses mainly include accounting computerization, management, financial management, cost accounting, accounting computerization, intermediate financial accounting, advanced financial accounting and cost accounting, etc. These are some courses of accounting major, but also the essential basic knowledge of all accounting practitioners.So specifically, what are the major courses of accounting?Major courses of accounting: 1. Basic knowledge, including basic accounting, fundamentals of accounting, principles of financial management and basic knowledge of accounting computerization.2. Management knowledge related to accounting, mainly including financial management, management statistics, management science, management accounting and other accounting professional knowledge.3. Principles related to accounting, including accounting principles, statistics principles and other relevant knowledge.
4. Knowledge related to financial accounting, including intermediate financial accounting, advanced financial accounting and other relevant knowledge.5. Knowledge of macro and micro accounting, mainly including microeconomics and macroeconomics.6. Accounting knowledge related to industrial cost, including cost accounting, industrial economics, accounting computerization and other related knowledge.Job responsibilities: 1. Participate in the preparation and recording of daily financial statements;2. Participate in corporate merger and quality management and other related work;3. Participate in the application of financial information technology and related activities of enterprise management decision-making;4. Participate in various management work related to enterprise management and financial management.The above are some of the major courses of accounting and the job responsibilities of accountants. To become a qualified accounting staff, it is necessary to have a thorough grasp of basic course knowledge and apply it reasonably.