Hetao region, Inner Mongolia: A cow leads a road to prosperity

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Inner Mongolia Bayannur City Linhe District Ganzhaomiao Town Shengfeng village East Xin dairy cattle breeding professional cooperative calf area.Hohhot, January 31 (Xinhua) — As the New Year is approaching, hetao Plain in Inner Mongolia has just experienced a cooling weather. However, calves in Shengfeng Village of Ganzhaomiao Town, Linhe District of Bayannur City are full of vitality, jumping freely on more than 500 warm calf islands.”The calves are not comfortable, this is not, this morning to put on the small waistcoat, have broken free.”Breeder Sun Yu, 55, pauses between feedings to put an insulated vest on the calf, as if she were dressing her own child in new clothes.”In addition to pay attention to heat preservation, nursing also pay attention to, five to seven days of birth feed 3 liters, grow to half a month have to increase to 4 liters.”Sun Yustop, who now speaks eloquently about raising cattle, was once a poor farmer who made a living by farming in the nearby village.He and his wife became a “cow nanny” last year by studying at dongxin Cow breeding Professional cooperative in Shengfeng Village of Ganzhaomiao town.”We can earn about 9,000 yuan a month together, and including land transfer fees, our family income will be more than 100,000 yuan this year, five or six times more than in the past!”Sun Yuting is very satisfied with the changes in the past year.Workers feed cows at dongxin Dairy Cattle Breeding Cooperative in Shengfeng Village, Ganzhaomiao Town, Linhe District, Bayannur City, Inner Mongolia.In Dongxin Dairy Cattle Breeding Professional Cooperative, the standardized barns are neatly located, and the cows with smooth fur are eating leisurely. The technical staff analyzes the body data from the “cow ankle ring” in real time through the computer screen.Since 2012, Shengfeng Village relying on professional cooperatives to develop the cattle industry, the number of cows has grown from 30 at the beginning to more than 3800 now, out of an intelligent, high-quality, combination of breeding and breeding of new standardized dairy cattle breeding new way.”Every year, the cooperative will add more than 1,500 calves. In order to save the cost of farm construction and drive more villagers to become rich, we distribute more than 800 of them to more than 100 villagers in the way of ‘releasing calves and collecting cows’. The cows will be recovered at the market price after 16 to 18 months, and the bulls will be processed by the villagers themselves.”Shengfeng village party branch secretary Jia Jindong said.”I adopted more than 100 cows, and now I earn at least 500,000 yuan a year!”Over the past year, through the cooperative’s model of “releasing calves and collecting cattle”, xue Ximei’s family has not only paid off the famine, but also purchased new feed processing equipment and hired professional feeders.”My family in the year of the Ox is really the right way, on the ‘cow day’!”Talking about today’s happy life, Xue Ximei is beaming.Xue Ximei feeds cattle in Shengfeng Village, Ganzhaomiao Town, Linhe District, Bayannur City, Inner Mongolia.Jia Jindong, the intervieweer, said that Shengfeng village also integrated resources to optimize the industrial structure through centralized transfer of land for pasture planting and orders for farmers to plant oat grass, silage corn and other feeds, realizing a virtuous cycle of development and radiating the increase in income of 1,500 surrounding village groups of farmers.”In 2022, we will call on more villagers to join the cattle industry, so that everyone can truly enjoy the dividend of rural revitalization driven by the revitalization of dairy industry!”Shengfeng village is the epitome of the development of the dairy industry in Bayannur City.According to Guo Zhanjiang, deputy mayor of Bayannur City, in recent years, Bayannur City actively strive for all kinds of project funds, support the development of large-scale pasture, boost the transformation and upgrading of small and medium-sized farms, improve the interests of agricultural enterprises link mechanism, drive large farmers to increase their income and get rich, to promote rural revitalization of the dairy industry.Xue Ximei feeds cattle in Shengfeng Village, Ganzhaomiao Town, Linhe District, Bayannur City, Inner Mongolia.Hetao Region of Inner Mongolia is located in the golden belt of crop cultivation at 40 degrees north latitude, with 13.58 million mu of cultivated land. It is an important grain, oil and milk production base in northern China, and is known as “granary of foreign countries” and “vegetable basket on the grassland”.With the implementation of China’s dairy industry revitalization strategy, the dairy industry in Hetao has accelerated to scale, standardization, intensification and ecological development. At present, there are more than 110 large-scale farms with 220,000 cows and an annual output of more than 870,000 tons of fresh milk.