Food supplement document released!Corn, beans, rice!Big red envelope clocked immediately!Everybody has a share!

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Old iron people, family, everyone, I am the three farmers Lao Dao!These two days although corn prices began to show a decline in the state, but Lao Dao first to everyone clear one thing, northeast corn will not show a big drop in price, so people do not worry about this worry about that every day.Of course, today we’re not just looking at corn, we’re looking at the latest news about 2022 grain subsidies in the northeast.Speaking of the positive news released in the past two days, Lao Dao is very intensive. According to the latest situation learned by Lao Dao, according to the central finance released by the Ministry of Finance, the actual farmers will be given one-time subsidies again.According to the 20 billion yuan notice, one-off subsidies will continue to be issued in 2022 in order to ease the impact of rising prices of agricultural materials on grain production, stabilize farmers’ income and mobilize farmers’ enthusiasm for grain production.And this subsidy will also be divided into the arable land fertility protection subsidies, subsidies will be calculated according to the actual planting area, control.The subsidy targets mainly include actual grain farmers and farmers who specifically use their own contracted land to grow grain, including large grain farmers with land transfer, farmer cooperatives, family farms and agricultural enterprises, which are new agricultural operating entities.In terms of the overall situation of subsidies, individuals and organizations that transfer land to grow grain should determine the recipients of subsidies according to the transfer contract or transfer agreement signed.Thus, we can give farmers a one-time subsidy of 20 billion yuan in 2022, which will further reduce farmers’ cost of farming!After reading through the document, we need to pay attention to the following points!First of all, in the document the state pointed out that the 20 billion yuan of subsidies and our regular corn, soybean subsidies are not the same!Therefore, we should not worry that this subsidy will affect the amount of subsidies for corn and soybean producers this year.In addition, this subsidy fund is included in the expenditure of arable land fertility protection subsidy, so this year in northeast China’s arable land fertility protection subsidy will also usher in a steady increase;The most important thing is the distribution of subsidy funds. The country has clearly proposed to subsidize the actual growers, who will apply for subsidies, so Lao Dao believes that there will be some new adjustments and changes in the process of subsidy distribution.With the specific news of 20 billion yuan of subsidies settled, we farmers have been concerned about the old iron thing is also a done!From the perspective of the general trend of subsidies, the one-time 20 billion yuan subsidy is only the beginning of the distribution of grain subsidies in 2022. Lao Dao believes that in the future, there will be more and more good news about grain subsidies in northeast China, and Lao Dao will pay attention to it in time.Below let’s have a look at the current northeast area of the latest corn price situation!Attached is the specific situation of corn price in Northeast China today: New season dry grain corn price: Longjiang Fufeng: New season dry grain corn purchase price: 1.275, 0.5 cent lower Jilin New Tianlong: new season dry grain corn purchase price: 1.340, 1.0 cent lower Tieling: New season dry grain corn purchase price: 1.350, 1.0 cent lower Yihai Kerry: new season dry grain corn purchase price:Liao Kailu Jade King: new season dry grain corn purchase price: 1.325 down 1.0 points Inner Mongolia Fufeng: new season dry grain corn purchase price: 1.270 down 0.5 points new season tide grain corn price: Qinggang Longfeng: new season tide grain corn price: 1.021 up 0.7 points Jingliang Longjiang: new season tide grain corn price: 1.020 up 0.8 points