Enjoy the custom, see intangible heritage, fun play snow…Jinan has launched more than 150 cultural tourism activities

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On February 2nd, the reporter learned from the Jinan Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism that jinan organized more than 150 cultural and tourism activities under the theme of “Golden Tiger New Year blessing full Spring City”, striving to create a safe, healthy and peaceful festive atmosphere.The Spring Festival is a traditional Chinese festival, expressing gratitude to our ancestors and predecessors, bearing the joy of the recovery of all things, and yearning for a better life.Jinan is decorated with lanterns and tourists to greet the New Year with enthusiasm.Fonte’s “New Year’s Lantern Festival”, Rongchuang City’s “Light Feast light Festival” and Jinan’s “Most Beautiful Lantern Festival” attracted numerous visitors to feel the thick flavor of the New Year.Hongye Valley held the “Nanshan Folk Custom great New Year’s Visit” activity, prepared a favorite nanshan folk games, let tourists participate in “touch, write, send blessing”, enjoy the fun of the Spring Festival.Daming lake in jinan FuXue dacheng hall before the temple “home in jinan – 2022 annual economic deep ‘springs’ family happiness,” the year of the tiger blessing activities, set up a platform, the Taiwan compatriots new economic exchanges interaction together reading classics, the blessing of the drums, compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan enjoy paper-cutting, fuwa, engraving printing traditional intangible items, such as accept baptism Chinese excellent traditional culture,Feel the Confucian heritage of respecting teachers and rites, experience the warmth of home and the bright spring.Jinan Peking Opera House, Lu Opera House, Laiwu Wooden Clappers and other troupes are constantly updating their online exhibitions. A number of excellent operas, such as Li Qingzhao, Sister Yi Marry and Yang Men Girl General, fill the screen to show the artistic achievements of Jinan and inject a heavy artistic atmosphere into the Spring Festival.Jinan Cultural Center organized the Exhibition of Intangible Cultural Heritage works in Spring Festival and the Yellow River Photography exhibition in the library, which made the public feel the beauty of folk customs.The cultural venues of jinan’s districts and counties take various forms to tell the stories of the Spring Festival, feel the local conditions and customs, and present a number of interesting and meaningful Spring Festival masterpieces to the people.On February 2, the second day of the Year of the Tiger, the weather was fine, and the number of people in jinan’s major tourist attractions and cultural venues increased significantly. Jinan’s culture and tourism system adhered to the epidemic prevention and control on the one hand, while highlighting the characteristics of miniaturization and online, and continuously enriched the supply of cultural and tourism products for the Spring Festival.Launch “jinan winter” as we have learned, jinan 2 lines in the province during the Spring Festival in 2022, such as tourism products lines, the masses of tourists to some gold xiangshan, WoHuShan, fallen snow.where each big ski tried his hand, to the day of the first spring, above, lingyan temple, Great Wall of qi appreciate winter scenery, and enjoy winterfun, in boring, the delight.Jiushan “Ice falls play snow + romantic wild luxury” life experience, nine Top tower ski season, the first Hongye Valley ice Falls Festival, Paomaling Qilu Snow Village, vanilla Garden solo skiing, Longmen Mountain ice and Snow Carnival, Laiwu Colorful Stone River ice falls tourism Festival, let the vast number of tourists experience the passion of winter Olympics ice and snow.At the same time, Jinan city increased the organization of travel activities above the line, in order to reduce the large-scale gathering of tourists and audiences during the Spring Festival, convenient for citizens to flexibly enjoy cultural travel services, organized and carried out “Cloud spring City, Cloud tour Jinan” series of online activities, to provide rich cultural travel feast for citizens tourists;A series of live events such as “Famous Spring Underwater Slow Live broadcast” and “Fuhu Spring Tour Spring City” were launched to release VR panoramic videos of Jinan, bringing new immersive tourism experience to tourists.Activities such as live broadcast of “Intangible Cultural Heritage Year Celebration” series and short video exhibition of “Intangible Cultural Heritage Year Flavor Small Kitchen” were held to let citizens and tourists feel the charm of Chinese New Year intangible cultural heritage.We will continue to promote the online service of “Quan Min Yue Reading”, so that citizens can enjoy free reading at home.