Zhejiang focuses on building a new pattern of safe production in the field of natural resources

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Reporter recently learned from natural resources production safety committee office of natural resources in zhejiang province as a whole development and security, build natural resources security pattern, focusing on five key regulatory link, through establishing and perfecting the system, to carry out the responsibility, strengthen supervision and a series of measures, promote the province’s natural resource system security situation in a steady positive.In the past two years, the production safety of zhejiang natural resources system has maintained zero accidents, and the annual output value of Zhejiang Geological Survey bureau has continuously exceeded 12 billion yuan.Zhejiang Hall adhere to the “people-oriented, life first”, always tighten the string of safety development, shortly after the establishment of the establishment of the safety production committee, strengthen the construction of safety production management organization and working mechanism, tamp the safety foundation, promote the realization of full coverage of safety management.First, set up the concept of safety development, highlighting the establishment of system safety management thinking.The provincial natural resources system has put the concept of production safety supervision through all aspects of work, and constructed a large safety management system including geological prospecting, mapping, planning, approval, law enforcement and ecological restoration.Layer upon layer compaction of enterprise main responsibility, department supervision responsibility, territorial management responsibility.Second, highlighting the implementation of safety responsibilities, strict supervision and inspection.Zhejiang hall establishment examination all the chain management, advance detailed quantitative assessment content, make strict inspection, quantitative evaluation, set up, including DeKanJu, directly affiliated institutions, provincial, municipal, county and township level responsibility system, clear the head for the first, in charge of the leadership leadership responsibility, the marking on the table, pay special attention to the implementation of production safety responsibility.At the same time, strict enforcement of supervision inspection for DeKanJu, each city bureau, and provincial units of key projects and key place complete coverage of supervision inspection, the inspector check and hidden dangers rectification and production safety performance, evaluation, promotion, rewards due to punish, strictly implement the “one ticket veto”, in accordance with the rules’ serious after asking responsibility according to law.Third, to establish a sound system and improve execution.Zhejiang Hall has formed a system system with responsibility system and assessment method as the core, with warning and interview implementation method, listing supervision system, information reporting system and other important contents, covering production safety management, supervision and inspection, accident handling and other fields and links, to strengthen the operability and pertinence of the system and improve execution.Fourth, we highlighted five links and carried out key oversight.In the safety supervision of the industry, the territorial management and safety supervision responsibilities of the geological prospecting and surveying industry are systematically sorted out, and the “three lists” of safety supervision responsibilities, projects and risks are established to effectively solve the problems of “what to manage, how to manage and who to manage”.In the planning examination and approval process, strengthen the connection between hazardous chemicals, industrial parks and other special plans and the overall national space plans, and guide cities and counties to implement safety management requirements in relevant detailed control plans;In the process of investigating and dealing with violations of laws and regulations, we will build a sharp sword of mineral supervision, strengthen the crackdown on illegal activities such as unlicensed mining and cross-border mining, and guide local governments to carry out investigation and rectification of production safety risks.In the implementation of the special action, the information communication mechanism of the three-year action battle of comprehensive safety production control was established and the task list was issued to follow up in time and ensure the completion of the special action in accordance with the standard in time. Meanwhile, the illegal land use for gas, illegal construction, occupation and occupation of land for gas facilities in planning were attacked.In the supervision of key nodes, the security risks of key nodes such as New Year’s Day and Spring Festival will be determined in advance and various security precautions will be arranged in time.Fifth, highlight the full coverage of safety culture publicity to create a good atmosphere.The requirements of learning safety production knowledge and establishing safety development concept are integrated into business and theoretical learning to create a good atmosphere of “paying attention to safety and participating in safety”.(Source: China Natural Resources News)