The nothingness and reality of The Outsiders

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▷ The Stranger by Jolene Camus starts with the death of the main character Morsau s mother and ends with his execution after killing an Arab. The book is only 70,000 words long.Morso is unusually calm in the face of his mother’s death.Eat, sleep, make love, play.When the priest comes to his rescue after being sent to prison for murder, Morceau does not see what is wrong with being indifferent to his mother’s death, nor even with his eternal happiness and the ascension of his soul.In court, the people who had met Morsau on the day of his mother’s funeral testified to his inhuman indifference with small gestures.Throughout the trial, a stranger to provide testimony “key”, prosecutors tried to incite the crowd of mood, a lawyer on behalf of the defendant, the judge decided the case of “justice”, the priest is to try to persuade the criminal religious and confession, intensity, Moore themselves have no right to plea of fog were guillotined.Morceau’s death is not because he killed people, but challenges the hypocrisy and hypocrisy of the whole society and the modern civilization piled with lies. The people-oriented “man” is a symbol of public order and good customs, not a specific and different flesh spirit.In fact, if we think about the scene of the current network mob wantonly denouncing others with the mask of some moral guardians, we can perceive the profound historical significance and positive realistic significance of Camus’s novel, which has been born more than 80 years ago.The novel also has a bright spot, “Outsider” in the description of specific people, things, are using plain and concise, little modification of the language, but the description of natural scenery is meticulous, affectionate wan ran, such a strong contrast description is quite profound.Was Morsau a man of indifference?The answer was already there in his deep sense of the natural landscape.Mr Morso and his colleagues raced after trucks to hear the clatter of chains and the crackle of internal-combustion engines.Walking home along the pier, watching the green sky rise with a sense of happiness;He sat in his dim prison wagon and listened carefully to the city’s nightfall fireworks;After being sentenced, Morceau always liked to watch the color of the sky change in anticipation of dawn.Although Morsault’s future is gone, he still loves the world after his absurd trial.On the contrary, the priest tries to let morceau, who is near death, find his empty and redeemable face in a black stone. The beauty of nature is more like a mockery of the insincere world.”I am always a stranger to the world. I know not its language, it knows not my silence. We have exchanged but a little contempt, as if meeting in a mirror.”This is the first half of Kitajima’s poem “Untitled,” which I think is appropriate for “Outliers,” and perfectly encapsulates the world’s alienation and disconnection from reality.As children, our first feelings on the beach may be that the sand is soft under our feet and the wind is salty.But now walking to the seaside, beautiful scenery we first take a picture, color upload moments.It makes more sense to pay someone to weep when a friend or relative dies than to ask why Morsau did not cry when his mother dies.In the eyes of others, we are well aware that some emotions have been exaggerated to performance, formal intimacy has dominated our lives, and we are afraid of being considered deviating from the mainstream values of society, so we would rather sacrifice truth and exhaust our efforts to compete for those empty “glory” labels.Morsault’s apathy and reticence is the language leading to the truth, and his attitude of detachment from the world is the expression of a thorough understanding, reflecting the resistance to the absurd reality.This is also the meaning of “outsider” in Camus’s works. In the tone of pessimism, there is also a positive struggle hidden. Morsault, who has few emotional waves, is passionate in this point.The past is gone, the future is out of reach, and only the present can be grasped.Maybe we don’t have to rely on nihilism and absurdity.Because there is something real, something in front of you.(The author is Yu Zhuolin, master of Radio and TELEVISION, Guangzhou University, Class of 2021)