Perform | holiday on the first day to work, they receive the implementation of paragraph!

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Post-holiday syndrome?Hard to relax at work?None of this exists for the yuzhou court enforcer.On the seventh day of the first month, the Spring Festival holiday after the end of the first day to work, Yuzhou city court executive board will quickly switch to the “holiday mode” to “work mode”, in the epidemic protection at the same time, the organization of multiple police officers rushed to the execution of the case, the execution of a number of cases related to the people’s livelihood.”New Year’s Day, why are you here?”In a village in the town of Fan Po, the executioner peng suddenly appeared in the face of the executive officer, feel a little hard to believe.From 2017 to 2018, Peng led Liu in a construction site, after the end of the construction period, Peng owes Liu 2520 yuan not paid, and issued a ious.In July 2021, Liu peng sued to Yuzhou People’s Court, the court decided peng a deadline to pay arrears.After the verdict came into effect, Peng still refused to fulfill the court’s judgment.At the end of 2021, Liu applied for enforcement to the court.The case was suspended due to the impact of the epidemic.After the first day of work, undertake judge Yuzhou Court executive Board director Li Yanhong received clues, Peng is home guests.So, Li Yanhong immediately led the enforcement officers rushed to a village in The town of Fan Po, peng will be brought out, in the face of strong execution pressure, Peng on the spot to perform the court judgment, the case smoothly.01 “Thank you for your unremitting efforts to uphold justice for me!”In the morning of February 7, the applicant Wang mou came to yuzhou People’s court, issued a proof of closure, the case for many years finally completed.A few years ago, Wang mou was on the road yue driving van hit, resulting in systemic fractures, after the court decided Yue Mou to Wang mou pay compensation 52000 yuan.The case into the implementation of procedures, Yuzhou court to take a number of implementation measures, yue deduction of a bank account a small amount of funds, will involve vehicles sealed.But yue mou himself evades execution, refuses to fulfill court judgment.Yuzhou court enforcement police still did not give up, to find the whereabouts of the executed.Finally, be forced to carry out offensive, yue mou and Wang Mou reach an agreement on February 7, by Yue Mou pay 14000 yuan to Wang Mou, and will be involved in the vehicle compensation, contradictory dispute is resolved at this point.02 after finishing the card, the gym went out of business. Can I get the money back?In June 2021, Wu spent 3000 yuan in henan a fitness company changge branch, for a fitness card, but after October 2021, the branch announced that due to serious losses decided to shut down.After the branch cancelation, because the refund fee matters did not reach an agreement, Wu then henan some fitness company sued to yuzhou people’s court.Yuzhou City people’s Court after the trial, at the end of 2021, the defendant henan fitness company to return wu membership card service fee 2925 yuan and interest.After the case entered the execution procedure, the executive judge, considering that the target of the case was not big, explained the law to a fitness company in Henan many times during the epidemic period and informed it of the legal obligations it must fulfill.On February 7, the company responsible person will take the initiative to pay the execution of yuzhou people’s Court, the case smoothly, Wu’s legitimate rights and interests have been maintained.