Manchester United’s search for a new manager has been divided, with executives and players having different tastes

2022-08-02 0 By

Manchester United are split over their search for a new manager, with the club’s management hoping to lure Eric Tenhage and the players opting for Pochettino.Erik Ten Hag is expected to be hired by United’s new chief executive Richard Arnold to replace Erik Ten Hag, who was appointed to the club for only half a season before becoming an adviser, the Sun reported.As well as Richard Arnold, Rangnick is a big admirer of Erik Ten Hag, 52, as the right man to lead the Red Devils on a long-term basis.However, most of united’s players are keen for Paris Saint-Germain’s Mauricio Pochettino to be the new manager, given his experience of leading teams in the Premier League and his success with Tottenham.However, the Sun also reports that Brendan Rodgers, who is currently in a precarious position at Leicester City, appears to be preparing the ground work by buying a new home in Cheshire, where many of the players and managers live.