Embrace a better version of yourself

2022-08-02 0 By

Home quarantine is just like a point in the epidemic prevention chain. Only when every person who conducts home quarantine conscientiously sticks to, plays his/her duty and follows the rules, can the “home quarantine” really be implemented.Otherwise, shortcomings or loopholes in “home quarantine” will inevitably lead to potential risks for the overall epidemic prevention.In fact, compared with “centralized quarantine”, “home quarantine” depends more on the awareness and restraint of the target, and more on their own awareness and values of the epidemic prevention situation.I have to say that it is the legal obligation of every citizen to carry out “home quarantine”, but also the inherent requirement of protecting a common green home.No snowflake is innocent in an avalanche.The battle against COVID-19 is like an iceberg. Every observation object of “home quarantine” is the cornerstone and support point of the steel wall of COVID-19 prevention.If they fail to take their temperature, do nucleic acid tests, and wear masks as required, they will inadvertently become “snowflakes” in the epidemic prevention, affecting the overall epidemic prevention situation.A picture is more difficult than fine.Everyone is a screw on the epidemic prevention chain. Only by tightening their own screw can we ensure the healthy, orderly, stable and stable operation of the whole epidemic prevention machine.Under the epidemic, no one can be an island.”Home isolation” seems to be isolating oneself into an “island”, but in fact it is a necessary measure to protect the life and health of oneself, family members and others. It is the transmission of goodwill and reflection of ideas.If the disorderly control, self-indulgence and unruly consciousness bring not only the destruction of their own lives, but also the potential harm to the lives of others.If they do, they will be severely punished as an accomplice of the virus and a negative example of quarantine.Home quarantine is about embracing your better self.Just as the online saying goes, today’s epidemic prevention is the road to tomorrow’s spring.Stay-at-home isolates distance, but not affection and love.For the good and health of the whole society, for justice and love, choose temporary quiet, is also a return, you can take this time to read, fitness, self-cultivation, meditation.On the one hand, I can make my due contribution to epidemic prevention. On the other hand, I can explore the depths of my heart, observe my own spirit, cultivate my quiet quality and meet a better myself.Home isolation is a responsibility, and everyone is responsible.In a society ruled by law, nothing can be accomplished without rules.As a citizen, only by fulfilling the responsibility of home isolation can we enjoy better rights and interests.Be calm, calm, be not arrogant or impetuous, be strict with yourself, and guard your own anti-epidemic link.When everyone contributes to the fight against the epidemic, thinks and works in unison, we will be able to unleash the great strength of the fight against the epidemic, give the strongest voice to the epidemic prevention and control, and fully demonstrate the superiority of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics.