Capital activity continues to improve the small and medium-sized market capitalization of infrastructure stocks hot

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Although the recent a-share market as A whole is still in the low shock, but the enthusiasm of short-term funds trading has become increasingly high.Reflected in the disk, the number of stocks are continuing to increase.Yesterday, A – share market has 79 stocks harvest daily limit.Since February, the daily limit of 87 stocks, compared with the average of 70 in January has significantly increased.Since this week, a number of small and medium-sized market capitalization infrastructure stocks out of the board trend, causing market attention.As the lead of the current round of infrastructure stocks, Zhejiang construction investment shares rose again yesterday by the daily limit.It was its seventh daily limit in the past eight trading days, with a range gain of 103.58 percent, and its latest market value rose to 17.2 billion yuan.Public information shows that Zhejiang Construction & Investment Co., LTD., backed by Zhejiang SasAC, is mainly engaged in construction, industrial manufacturing, engineering services, infrastructure investment and operation and other businesses matching the main industrial chain of construction industry.Zhejiang Construction investment Recently disclosed the main business situation in the fourth quarter of 2021. In the fourth quarter of 2021, the company and its subsidiaries signed new contracts worth 36.901 billion yuan, and the total amount of new contracts signed in 2021 was 150.23 billion yuan, an increase of 7.14% compared with the same period last year.Zhejiang regional theme overlay infrastructure main line, making Zhejiang construction investment get short-term capital hot.The list of the dragon and tiger published by the exchange shows that in the process of zhejiang construction investment shares rose recently, the business department funds constitute the main driving force, there is no lack of old hot money seats on the list.After yesterday’s session, Zhejiang construction investment due to “daily rise deviation value reached 7%” and boarded the one-day list, trading top five seats for all brokerage business department.Among them, China CicC Fortune Securities Guangzhou Panyu Qiao South Road business department, Everbright Securities Shenzhen Jintian Road business department and other active seats appeared on the buying side, the purchase amount of 20 million to 32 million yuan.On the sell side, China Merchants Securities trading unit (353800) yesterday sold zhejiang Construction investment 549 million yuan, accounting for 28.64% of the total turnover of the stock.The seat recently in the United States Jim, Hublot shares and other short-term hot stocks are frequently listed, follow-up operations worth tracking.In addition, China Fortune Securities Shanghai branch, China’s Wealth securities Xiamen Hubin East Road business department and other active seats sold Zhejiang construction investment more than 20 million yuan, showing that the company’s stock price quickly pulled behind the game between hot money is very intense.In addition to Zhejiang construction investment, there are a number of small and medium-sized market capitalization infrastructure stocks by the recent pursuit of funds, the short-term share price sharply pulled up.For example, Zhengping Recently harvested 5 slabs. The company’s main business is road and bridge engineering construction, maintenance, survey and design.Chengbang Shares recently harvested 3 consecutive boards, the company’s main landscape engineering construction, garden maintenance and other businesses;Poly united early share price harvest 8 even board, the company’s main civil explosion business.Huitong Group, Hong Run construction, etc., are the star varieties in the recent infrastructure plate.On the news, in the context of “steady growth”, infrastructure policies are gaining momentum.The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development recently issued the “14th Five-year” construction industry development Plan, proposed that by 2025, prefabricated buildings accounted for more than 30 percent of new construction;Construction waste emissions from construction sites of new buildings shall be controlled under 300 tons per 10,000 square meters.It can be seen that the assembly building is promoted by the policy to usher in a new development.Zhejiang Construction investment Co., LTD., which leads the rise of this round, is the first batch of national prefabricated building industrial base and demonstration enterprise promoting new building industrialization in Zhejiang Province.In January, social finance increased more than expected, local government bond issuance increased, and the infrastructure sector has sufficient upward momentum, said Principal Securities analyst Suduyong.In 2022, the construction industry is expected to usher in multiple driving factors of fundamentals and policies, and the industry is in a low valuation range, highlighting the investment value.Sudoyong believes that the fundamentals of the construction industry as a whole are good, industry leaders and regional leaders benefit from the improvement of industry concentration, new signed orders, performance both rapid growth.At the same time, the construction industry is actively embracing the “new economy” and “building +” to open up space for future development.On the main line of configuration, it is suggested to focus on the infrastructure leading and the new business segment of “construction +” under the background of “dual carbon”.