A shares: three major index collective retaliation Changyang rebound, market stage inflection point or has appeared?

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Today’s disk went well, but there are daydreams, there are problems!We’ll talk about what the problem is and whether this position should be exciting or not!The second is that today is hot some plates are up, the index is also pulled very red!First of all, congratulations on eating meat today!Fortunately did not give up, from the festival to now, is not feeling and dream, a word before the festival, take a good low chip, until now, almost all the plates are to round moved, some round to a few times, you have not eaten meat, really have to consider their own problems, is not!This is what we deserve to persist, persist is victory!By the end of data analysis, the rising index rose 0.50%, gem index rose 3.09%, recovered 2800 points again, shenzhen component index rose 1.69%!In terms of plates, most of the popular fund group plates have risen to varying degrees. The leading industry plate increase is wind power equipment up 5.13%, battery plate up 3.63%, non-metallic materials up 3.46%, followed by photovoltaic, medical services, semiconductor plate up more than 3%!The concept plate rose the highest is CRO, up 6.09%, cultivating diamond up 4.73%, core concept up 3.23%, blade batteries up 3.08%!Tourism, oil, coal, hotels and other plate decline in the top!Up and down distribution, up 2423, down 2115, up 68, up more than 5 of 216, down 18, down more than 5 of 54, the overall effect of making money is relatively good, most of the hot track are up, the people are happy!Capital flow, the only thing I doubt today is the continuous outflow of northbound capital, northbound capital net inflow of -3.544 billion, the main net inflow of -1.769 billion, if the main capital, very common!But today’s market, north has done a reduction, do a profit understanding!In the morning, the main inflow is not much, the index in the afternoon, the more the north, the more thrown block, I think today’s trend is not very good, outflow indicates that it may not recognize today’s rise, perhaps adjustment is not over!We take a look at the Shanghai Composite index disk, this morning low open, and then immediately appeared to pull up, afternoon after falling, the end of the day again pull up!But today is shrinkage ah, shrinkage rises, is quantity price deviate, and above we also said, north is outflow state, so today this rise is very likely to be the second foot has not returned to step in place!After the pressure of the 20 moving average comes down, it gradually moves into a double bottom structure, so what do you see next if you move down?If tomorrow is not heavy, will surely have to step on a second foot step, if the volume, we see just peripheral out a news, the Russian initiative withdrawal, say so, the location is not very good say, what is the second foot to go tomorrow, or continue to rebound, rebound will have to moderate, it is not heavy, may still have to try again!What can be determined in this position?The chance to see if you look down!It has been emphasized many times that this position is at the bottom of the box!Before the section is not a bear market, grasp the hand of low chips!Good, we talk about gem point to, the gem that a lot of people are concerned about now goes what meaning today, why so strong!Let’s take a look at the disk, today is also a contraction of the rise, so the rebound is certainly a reverie, but also to see whether the next can continue to volume, can not continue, it is very simple truth, the position is hesitant, not firm bullish market, so still have to shock!We said today’s index, recovered 2800 points, it seems that or temporarily do not want to close this position, we take a look at the trend in front of KDJ gold fork, but also the volume, to 6 trading days of rebound, and now again gold fork, I think is still not a reversal of the signal!We need to be cautious, here is only to see a oversold rebound, if not volume, may not be as strong as the last rebound, so the next is also to see volume!Today is shrinkage, northbound is also outflow, in the short term may really not be as good as we imagine!Want to reverse, or go and so on, first see this position can cross live!Plate, today we like to listen to the board should also be inside the board, new energy, medical, semiconductor, photovoltaic, today is good, our second article will write comments on the plate, we also want to listen to what plate, message oh!Summing up the Shanghai Composite Index, this position is still not high, the second foot is in place, NOW I do not know, also dare not jump to a conclusion, but this position, if you look down should be an opportunity!Gem refers to the term, there is a stop falling signal, but in the end can continue, this need to observe a few more days to see, in the end is a rebound, or really to build the bottom!Want to reverse words don’t think about it yet!# Daily fund board comment # Original is not easy, feel useful click like + attention.See you in the comments section if you have any questions!Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to small mu investment notes