The dictionary has no “open brackets”

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On January 22, 2022, I published on the online platform of “Soldier General” we media an article entitled “Hotel Slogan Font errors make A Joke”, which caused controversy among netizens.In a hotel near Jinhai Road, Qionghai City, Hainan Province, the electronic display screen above the front door continuously displayed a slogan with rolling subtitles: “…Open up, innovate, take responsibility and do things…”In the context of “innovation”, “innovation” should be “development”.Apparently, the slogan makers mistook “pioneering innovation” for “kaikuo Innovation”, which looks the same in shape, but in fact has the wrong meaning.After reading this article, enthusiastic net friends talk about it.”The management of this hotel is so poor that they didn’t find the typo.””Modern Chinese dictionaries only have the word ‘pioneering’, not the word ‘open kuo’.””The new era with ‘tongue’ is successful, they rewrite a ‘extension’ word, should be a conformal word.””Yes, open the parentheses.””It’s understated if it’s not ‘broad.'”……On the morning of January 23, I passed by the hotel again and went to the reception desk to tell the waitress that she should tell the hotel staff to correct the mistakes in the slogan on the electronic display. But the waitress replied in surprise: “…What typos?I didn’t write it…”At noon on January 27 (25th day of the twelfth lunar month), I passed by the hotel again and found that the wrong characters in the slogan on the electronic display had not been corrected, which was regrettable.Development from the chronicle of The Three Kingdoms • Wei Zhi • Biography of Yang Fu: “Your Majesty is committed to the pioneering cause of emperor Wu, and keeps the final yuan Xu of Emperor Wen.”It means: “Your Majesty was ordered by emperor Wu to create the great cause of the world and to preserve the property left by Emperor Wen.”Development is a Chinese word, the pinyin is kai Tuo, it means to develop and expand from small to large, the object is generally a larger scope.Refers to the expansion, expansion;And the general term for the building of tunnels and other processes before mining minerals.Development refers to the development and expansion from small to large, usually the object is a larger scope, e.g. : to open up a new situation, it is used figuratively, the object can refer to the field or mind, e.g.”According to the Spring and Autumn Annals, Zhong zi is not in the firstborn position of Duke Hui of Lu, so he has to go to another palace.Today’s imperial concubine cover day rank chong class, should innovate.”According to the Spring and Autumn Annals, Zhong Zi was not a direct descendant of Lu Ban and Huizi.Now it is valued by the imperial concubines, so it is necessary to innovate.”Innovation is a Chinese word, also known as “剏 new”, one means to create or create new, two means first.Pioneering and innovation requires courage as well as knowledge and talent.Without the accumulation of knowledge and the lack of necessary talents, innovation is out of the question.The more knowledge and experience a person accumulates, the more powerful the ability to innovate.Because as long as a person has rich knowledge and experience, can have outstanding talent, extraordinary courage, can accept new ideas, absorb new knowledge, seize new opportunities, create new results.The spirit of pioneering and innovation refers to the spirit of being aggressive and innovative.Respect science and objective laws.Proceeding from reality and the interests of the people, it has become the trend of our times to understand and master the objective laws governing the development of things as they really are, and to make positive changes, be brave in pioneering and innovating, and pursue practical results under the guidance of the Party’s ideological line of emancipating the mind and seeking truth from facts.A pioneering and innovative spirit requires the courage to adhere to principles, dare to think, do and act, and speak out without fear of offending others.We can even “aim high”, “arrogant”, “show off”, “thorn in the head” and so on.Also learn to be good at independent thinking habits.Pioneering and innovative means that we should keep pace with The Times, put our new ideas and thinking into action, and do something that has never been done before.The birth of an era means to trigger a revolution, it will last a hundred years or even hundreds of years, there is no doubt at the beginning of this era we all face opportunities and challenges!This is the mission that history has given us!(From Baidu Baike)