Prose: Let yourself move first

2022-08-01 0 By

Before WRITING this article, I had been debating whether to stick to the daily watch for over 5 hours, and finally convinced myself to stick with it.No matter how well I write now, I can’t stop my daily improvement. What I need most is not the quality of articles, but to keep writing every day. Only in this way can my writing ability be continuously improved.Writing in recent days is particularly difficult, not because they can not write, but found that the present stage of the article is too bad, not as good as their own meaning, this is the most hit me.I kept asking myself, should I slow down my writing and settle down to polish my work?Is such a simple problem, let me tangle for several days, especially this morning, 5 o ‘clock up the bed, has been entangled in there, slow down the decision, today to write, or not to write?As a result, I have struggled until now, so I wrote this article in a hurry.Now writing, although writing is not good, but obviously much more smooth than before, this is due to the last two months, every day to keep a diary and write articles.Maybe it is just because of the daily persistence that I found so many defects in the article I am writing, and now I want to slow down my writing and stop my daily planning.It seems like a good idea to stop daydreaming and spend more time polishing your work.But it doesn’t apply to me now.If I did, there would be only one result: a loss of confidence and the cessation of writing.Because I don’t have the patience, more can’t accept the blow of failure.One thing should not be forgotten, I only found the problem in the writing every day, if I want to solve the problem, it should be in the continuous writing, slowly to correct, rather than stop, wait for the problem solved, and then continue to implement the original daily plan.Now, what I really need is, let oneself move first, let oneself have the minimum writing ability;Instead of doing things that do not match their ability, this and that monkey crying for the moon in water, and what is the difference?Know their ability is not good, you have to be steadfast to work hard, not because of the present a little difficulty and deny yourself, not to look at the mountain is higher than that.In a little effort slowly to correct their own in the progress of the problems exposed, and can not stop or slow down their pace of progress, everything in the progress of slowly to improve, this is the best policy.What good is an idea if it doesn’t apply to you?First let myself move, let myself slowly to adapt to the writing environment, let my problems thoroughly exposed, I have the opportunity to slowly correct.Well, now that the problem is finally exposed, it shows that I am right to keep writing every day;So, I can’t change my original plan because the problem is exposed, isn’t it worth the loss?Stop the unnecessary entanglements and continue to keep the daily watch. Although the quality of the article is not guaranteed at the beginning, the problem will be solved as the writing progresses step by step.Besides, there’s no writer who doesn’t do the same.Only by insisting on writing every day can the expression ability of your words be constantly improved.What’s wrong with suffering more and making more mistakes?Not only get exercise, but also expand their thinking ability.Don’t tangle and worry, let yourself move first, the future will naturally appear.(By Bai Xunqi)