Imitate Luneng Sun Zhuohao!32 years old!1 meter 88!Euro 670000!South Korea iron waist to join the Chinese Super championship team

2022-08-01 0 By

On February 13, Beijing time, in the CSL recruitment window period, South Korean media reported that another South Korean national team midfielder will join the Chinese Super League champion Team Shenzhu, perhaps because shandong Taishan last season from the K League introduced South Korean midfielder Sun Junhao has achieved great success in the Chinese Super League.Led to much desire to have title teams this season from Brazil and Europe before changing the signings of strategy, are turning to the league, in the deep foot officer yesterday announced the Korean lee jang-soo after coaching the team, deep enough today and was reported by the media out K league kangwon FC captain and central defender offering 砇 Lin will soon follow lee jang-soo to play deep enough.For the woods offering 砇 the player, the official information is 32 years old, height 1 meter 88, worth 675000 euro, from striker to play centre-back was a player, in South Korea’s many times, is an excellent player, his playing style and hristo sun hao has many similarities, intercept capability is strong, because is a striker was born,He also has a hand than Sun Junhao also strong desire to attack, do a good job after the defense of the Lin Ji 砇, always can become the team in the key game with a knife back.Is understood as lee jang-soo appointed foreign aid, the 砇 and deep Lin basically settled in personal terms, as a strong, the price is much lower than the Chinese super signings salary restrictions of outstanding foreign aid, offering 砇 Lin in the deep foot team will take on the role of hristo quasi sun hao, make one of the deep foot defence anchorman, deep foot shouted slogans about the out of the title last year,But deep enough in the war on many key loss led to the team for the championship, this year with the arrival of the 砇 Lin, reinforcing the defensive power of deep, completely shouted out must have the ability and the title of Shanghai harbor levels, hope the 砇 Lin will play in the Chinese super league, also hope he can be in the Chinese super league and a sun hao.