Fiitii HiFiPods Bluetooth Headphones review: a round of two iron high-end Chinese headphones masterpiece

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I am an earphone enthusiast. More than 10 years ago, I still remember seeing a earphone of a foreign brand priced at over 1,000 yuan in a digital store.At that time, let alone 1000 yuan, even more than 100 yuan headset reluctant to buy.After all, prices were cheap in those days. 1000 yuan was a lot of money.And at that time, there were few high-end earphones to choose from, just a few big foreign brands, and there was a big difference in sound quality compared to dozens of domestic earphones.With the development of science and technology, our living standard is constantly improving.It’s not that hard to spend a thousand yuan on headphones these days, and most importantly, there are so many brands to choose from.And now it is the world of domestic earphones, foreign brands except Apple will be hard to shake for a while, but other old brands are slowly being killed by domestic earphones, there is no sense of existence.Today, I got a free experience of the HiFiPods Bluetooth headset from King Assessment. Let’s have a try.Speaking of magic wave, players who like HiFi music should know.It goes by the English name Mifo and is a high-end Bluetooth headset brand in China.It has a number of patented technologies, in pursuit of the perfect product concept to create world-class quality professional Bluetooth acoustic products.Today, when the homogeneity of Bluetooth headset is very serious in China, it can still be a school of its own and indeed enjoys a good reputation among many bluetooth headset brands.Take a look at the packaging first. When you unpack the Pods, you can see that the packaging isn’t exactly luxurious, but it’s quite thoughtful.Compared to a few hundred yuan earphone has a distinct taste and style.Let’s go ahead and tear it down.Once everything is removed, you can see the real HiFiPods of Magic Wave.Obviously, the charging bin is made of very textured metal.It is made of 7 series aviation grade aluminum alloy.It is the main material of aircraft bearing component.The hardness and weldability are unquestionable.That’s why it was picked up by the magic Wave to create elaborate works of art.Up close, it was carved with CNC.The whole shell is carved with a circle of thin stripes, these lines in different light angles have different luster, very dazzling, delicate.Round shape, look like a record from a distance.For those who like music, it brings a unique feeling.It is indeed a work of art with rare heart.On the side, there is a model switch that opens the charging case with a simple press.These components were previously manufactured to a precision of 0.05mm.Each part is tightly stitched before, feel tight, no sense of collapse.The effect of opening the lid is hundreds of times better than the feel of those plastic charging boxes.And the metal material is also more durable, even if long-term use, feel will not change.This key also has a hidden operation, which can be pressed three times to restore factory Settings, which can easily solve some unexpected bluetooth connection problems.After opening the cover, we can see our headphone host appears in front of us.At first it feels like the head of a python.And each headset has a green LED lamp ring to represent the working status.The lamp rings are like the eyes of a python’s head.To make headphones like this, it’s really very personal.Indeed, a variety of home-made earphones from different brands are springing up like mushrooms.Although many earphones have different brands and names, other configurations and even packaging are almost the same.It’s just a different brand.Like magic wave so carefully for their own design appearance of the brand is really few.Headphones also depend on the configuration, so that they are worth the price of Magic Wave HiFiPods.After all, the headphones are priced at 1,299, which is not much for more than 1,000 yuan.Let’s take a look at its configuration.The first is its sound unit, which uses a luxurious two-iron line-up and adds electronic dividers.In such a small earphone, there are 3 sound units, and also equipped with a divider, really incredible.With such collocation, you can give full play to the characteristics of each unit, so that the frequency and timbre of the sound more rich and full.A moving coil, for example, is better at low frequencies. It can emit extremely elastic low frequencies and dive deeper.And moving iron, you can find more delicate and pleasing high frequency, so that the sound is clearer, more transparent.In such a small volume, so many sound units, including various PCB boards, batteries.Magic wave this time is challenging precision and difficult craft.It integrates acoustics, structure and technology with high precision, designs excellent cavity space, and makes sound more conducive to play out, creating HiFi’s sound feast.In addition to the luxurious sound unit lineup, Demon Wave HiFiPods also come with ANC noise reduction.Although now comes with a lot of noise reduction headphones, but its noise reduction range reached -40dB.And there are two noise reduction gears to choose from, with a wider range of noise reduction, so that you can adapt to more listening environment.As we know, the most important thing to listen to music is to have a quiet listening environment, so that you can hear pure, delicate and natural sounds and enjoy the feast of human hearing.But, in real life, most of us don’t have a professional recording studio.All kinds of noise in life, such as car noise, aircraft noise, site noise and so on.All this noise can greatly interfere with our enjoyment of music.At this time, a pair of excellent active noise reduction headphones can completely solve these problems.In the test experience, Magic Wave HiFiPods have the most obvious effect on uniform ambient noise such as fans, cars, planes and subways after the maximum active noise reduction is turned on.All of a sudden these things just don’t exist anymore.At the same time, the headset has the function of making calls.Similarly, when making a phone call, we also need to mute the ambient sound so that the other person can hear us clearly.The Magic Wave HiFiPods have three noise-canceling microphones in each headset, which can accurately separate the human voice from the ambient sound so that the other party can hear me clearly.On the phone, my friend couldn’t hear me talking to him on the street. He thought I was still calling him from the quiet of my home.The Shape of Magic Wave HiFiPods is quite different from traditional ones, but the design is very ergonomic.When worn, the default ear cap fits my ear canal perfectly.The whole headset will also fit well in the ear, providing some physical insulation.Even if worn for a long time, there will be no ear canal swelling pain feeling.I have to say yes to the headphones, they are perfectly designed in every detail.Unlike some real wireless Bluetooth headsets, the earbuds are big enough to squeeze your ear canal once you put them in, and within minutes your ears start to hurt.No matter how good the sound quality is, you can’t listen to headphones like this.Therefore, whether headphones are good or not, the most important thing is whether they are comfortable or not.The connection is fast, thanks to the Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.2 chip.Not only is the connection faster, more energy saving, but also supports all kinds of HD audio transmission, such as SBC, AAC, atpX hd audio support, can be applied to different mobile phone platforms.Let’s play my favorite music. Although the music is very familiar, the effect of different earphones is completely different.In a lap of two iron extra frequency, magic Wave HiFiPods made a sound that surprised me.Its low frequency dive force, elastic foot, like low frequency friends can not be missed.And even if the low frequencies are so good, the middle and high frequencies are no less good.Driven by two moving iron, the high frequency sound is transparent and clear, such as light in the ear.The mid-frequency voice is round and natural. Overall, the sound has a rich sense of layering and clear positioning, which makes my nerve endings excited.I like HiFi music, can not help but sigh, this is really a good headset.Of course, headphones are more listening to the more flavor, need a running-in process.This is the effect I just opened the box to listen to, I believe, in the use of a period of time, its sound quality will have a certain degree of improvement.In a day’s experience, THE Magic Wave HiFiPods had a whopping seven hours of battery life.Officials claim the pod can also charge the headphones up to nine times, making a full charge in just two hours.This gives the headset a total battery life of around 70 hours.A single charge is enough for a long swim, so listen to it if you want.In general, the workmanship of HiFiPods headphones is really worthy of the title of domestic high-end brand, its material and workmanship and even technology, design has reached the first-class level in China.Stand out in numerous domestic earphones.Even compared to foreign Apple earphones.The build and sound quality are much better, and the specs are higher, the performance is better, and the price is cheaper.If you like to pursue high quality HiFi music, then the Magic wave headphones are worth a try.