Xiao Dukou town, Lixian County: Deputy county magistrate Jiang Liyong came to our town to carry out safety production inspection before the Spring Festival

2022-07-31 0 By

The end of the year is the critical period of production safety work, is also prone to accidents and high incidence of the period.In order to effectively do the work of production safety at the end of the year, On January 27, Jiang Liyong, deputy head of the People’s Government of Lixian County, went to Xiaodukou Town to inspect production safety before the Spring Festival. Wu Jiugi, party secretary of the town, Huang Daojun, deputy mayor and others attended the inspection.In the xiaodukou town nursing home, Jiang Liyong and his party inquired in detail about the living and diet of the elderly, focusing on the fire protection facilities, electricity and heating, material reserves and epidemic prevention and control of the nursing home.He repeatedly told the people in charge of the nursing home to put the safety of the elderly in the first place, snow and ice weather is coming, to ensure that the elderly have a peaceful Spring Festival.At the gas station, red Jiang Liyong examined whether business units fire equipment complete, channel unblocked and fire extinguisher operation, etc., the relevant person in charge of told to attach importance to production safety inspection, to strengthen the management personnel safety consciousness, pay attention to detail checking, ensure the normal operation of fire control facilities, safety in production work earnestly, implement production safety responsibility,We will ensure the safety of people’s lives and property.Finally, Jiang Liyong and his party also came to dongfeng village to express condolences to the bereaved families of their only child, and told them to face life with a positive and optimistic attitude, further strengthen confidence, and timely reflect difficulties to the town government and the village.(Bu Ziqing)