Wuhan, Japan: Most Japanese netizens gave the opening ceremony 10 points

2022-07-31 0 By

Yangtze River Daily wuhan client on February 5 Beijing news (special correspondent Zhang Lin) after covering the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games back to the hotel, is February 5 early morning.At this point, the mobile phone circle of friends has long been the opening ceremony of the picture brush screen.Changjiang Daily reporter noticed that several wuhan friends who live and work in Japan also praised the opening ceremony.Immediately, the reporter and in Tokyo in Wuhan villager Xu Xilan made contact.”The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics was very shocking and everyone in Japan is paying attention to it,” Xu told reporters.Online comments comparing the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics and the Beijing Winter Olympics are really all kinds of praise, and the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics received 10 percent!”As for the final ignition, Xu said, “I was shocked at the design. I thought it was clever, and the announcer of NHK was also amazed.”He said he watched the opening ceremony live with his family.”It was a great opening ceremony. The colors, the design, the timing were well controlled. The family around me applauded.”The reporter met Xu Xilan last year while covering the Olympic Games in Tokyo.He graduated from Wuhan University and went to Japan in his early years.Currently, he works in the restaurant industry in Japan and already owns several chain stores.In April 2019, Xu xilan, together with several hubei villagers, founded the Japanese Chinese Dragon Boat Association, which now has hundreds of members, most of whom are from Hubei and Wuhan.Last November, the Japanese Chinese Dragon Boat Association organized two teams to participate in the 11th Shizuoka Dragon Boat Race in Japan.The Overseas Chinese Dragon Boat Zongzi team won the second place, and the overseas Chinese Dragon Boat University alumni team entered the final four.Their performance attracted the attention of the domestic media.Just as CCTV is solicitation for video calls for the Beijing Winter Olympics, so the Japanese Chinese Dragon Boat Association specially shot the relevant video.The video was edited and broadcast on CCTV on Jan 2, 2022.”When the dragon boat team was first established, the training conditions were poor. There was no fixed dragon boat and no fixed place. The members took advantage of their spare time to train.Our goal is to win the National championship in Japan as soon as possible.Dragon boat race depends on the strength of cooperation, the most people can deeply understand what is meant by pulling together in the same boat.It has special meaning for Chinese people struggling in a foreign land.”Xu Xilan said.The Beijing Winter Olympics coincide with the Chinese New Year.Although Spring Festival is not an official holiday in Japan, during the Spring Festival, you can see promotional videos of The Chinese New Year on the biggest screens in Shibuya, one of Tokyo’s busiest streets, and the lights of the Tokyo Tower will be switched to Chinese red, Xu said.All Chinese living in Japan celebrate in various ways.”A few days ago, families posted their New Year’s Eve dinner on wechat moments, asking their loved ones back home to rest assured.”For more exciting content, please download the “Big Wuhan” client in each major application market.